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What Election Issues Really Matter?

Tue, January 17, 2023   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 30    Issue 3 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

We’ve been hearing a lot of talk about an election this spring. One of the flaws of our First-Past-The-Post electoral system is that politicians are not forced by the electorate to cooperate and get the job of governing done. Rather, they are given a free pass to waste time fighting with each other and purchasing votes through offered perks.

Too much effort is put into who can fool the electorate best, thus advancing their Party to the top job.

Do you remember going to children’s birthday parties—or planning one? The guests provide their presence and their presents. The host provides food, entertainment, and the much coveted “goody bag.” The guest kids ask before the party, “What’s in the goody bag?” It’s not about celebrating with your friend or your friend receiving gifts on their birthday; it’s about, “What am I getting because I came to your party?”

That’s a picture of how successive governments have conducted the financial affairs of our country—I’ll give you perks if you will vote for me. What are the perks? I’ll champion your cause if you vote for me. I’ll give you free dental, free daycare, free prescriptions, legalized marijuana, legalized other drugs, blah blah. Is any of that for the benefit of the country?

Let’s look at what that costs. Easy access to drugs has resulted in, according to Stats Can, an estimated 1/2 million people getting stoned before work. Do you want one of them analyzing your medical tests or running the heavy equipment beside you?

Government subsidized day care in Ontario alone will cost federal taxpayers $13.2 billion over 6 years. In effect, we have spent money we did not have so that each child growing up today can foot the bill for his or her own childcare. Canadians don’t have the money to pay for it, so someone else needs to pay. Financing daycare, when we are still budgeting deficits and increasing debt, means that parents will pass the cost of raising our children, to our children. Can you get more loving than that?

Free dental or anything else free is the same as childcare. We’re requiring our children to pay the cost of their own upbringing. Shocking!

What are issues that really matter? We need to understand that our vote is an investment in the future of this country. The most basic right a person has is the right to life. If you don’t have that, you really don’t have anything. Through Health Canada, as a taxpayer, you funded a children’s book on medical assistance in dying (MAID). Do you want your children or grandchildren reading about how okay it is for people to kill themselves? Most of us can see the connection between teaching children it’s ok and those children being ok enough to try it for themselves.

Is there a need to mention that some of our veterans have been offered MAID? We ask them to fight for us then, when they survive, and come back broken and needing help, Veteran’s Affairs suggests MAID.

Life is obviously a very important category to vote on. Where does your MP stand on abortion and MAID? Is that position okay with you? I can tell you where every CHP candidate stands on these issues. I know because our candidates all believe that life is the most fundamental right. Vote Life!

Where does your MP stand on encumbering our children and grandchildren with debt? CHP candidates do not condone theft and theft, is the only way to describe taking our children’s future away from them by saddling them with a debt that they will never see repaid. This debt clock will give you an idea of what we’re passing on to future generations. This doesn’t include provincial and municipal debts. Those are on top of this burgeoning federal debt.

Have you thought about the effects of Bill C-4, which made it an indictable offence for parents to counsel their child away from the homosexual lifestyle? Strong families have always been the backbone of a strong society, today the state determines what parents may teach their children. Is that best for families? When C-4 passed 3rd reading in the House, not one Conservative MP voted against it. CHP MPs would never have agreed to pass this horrible legislation without a fight! Vote Family!

What about freedom? Our heritage protects the rights and freedoms of all persons to be equally treated under the law. A law, such as C-4, that protects some Canadians, and excludes from protection other Canadians, is a problem. This law does not make it illegal to recruit from any sexual orientation into another. Rather, it allows unfettered opportunity to recruit children from the heterosexual lifestyle into the homosexual lifestyle and then makes liable to a prison sentence anyone who offers help—even requested help—to someone wishing to leave the homosexual lifestyle. Is removing the right of parents to guide their own children freedom?

While we certainly recognize that there are differing opinions on lockdowns and vaccine mandates, are there differences of opinion on the more general forced medical decisions? If your government told you that you are of an age or physical infirmity where MAID is a requirement, would that be okay? Many Canadians were isolated during the lockdowns and forced to allow their beloved family members to die alone; is that how any of us wanted our parents, children or siblings to go? Alone? In this more general format aren’t you horrified at the thought of government exerting that kind of control? What about the Lord’s imperative to worship? Should we obey man or God? These are sensitive issues and have been a source of painful division between family members and close friends. Although often isolated as individuals, we, as a society, have lived through and had to face all of these challenges in the last few years. It has cost us dearly.

The opportunity even to discuss these things openly has been trampled on and our ability to communicate has been diminished. Is that freedom? In the next election, Vote Freedom!

What election issues really matter? CHP Canada calls for all Canadians to vote for Life, Family and Freedom.

We will not cave in to the pressure to be “realistic” by the world’s standards. Our faith is realistic when looked through God’s perspective and we will stand on that. We do not bow to those who tell us that we will never form government so there’s no point voting for us. Pragmatism is not found in Scripture. We will only stand on principles.

We are the Christian Heritage Party, and we will defend our heritage of freedom and equality because that’s who we are.

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