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7 Reasons to Vote CHP

7 Reasons to Vote CHP

7 Reasons…

…to vote for the Christian Heritage Party of Canada:

  1. To make your vote count

    The only “wasted vote” is one for a party that doesn’t truly represent your convictions. Voting for a party because it “seems more likely to win” is a losing strategy: it really undermines the democratic principle of representing all citizens’ viewpoints in Parliament. This time, vote your conscience.

  2. To help support and protect the family

    The CHP’s comprehensive policy ideas address many needs at once—ideas like the CHP Family—Friendly Childcare Allowance: a payment of $1,000 a month for families with school-age or younger children, if one parent chooses to stay home to care for their own children. The benefits of this policy are many:

    • Better care for the children: a recent study by the University of Guelph confirms 15 years of longitudinal research: many daycare centers only ‘warehouse’ children, which may do long-term harm. Parent care is still best for children—and it’s what 77 per cent of parents with jobs say they would choose if they could afford it. The CHP wants to give them that choice. Unemployment would be reduced as 1,500,000 to 2 million now—existing jobs would be opened up. Canada’s unemployment rate could be dropped below that of the USA—almost overnight! The economy would be strengthened as people now drawing EI benefits became employed.
    • The plan would benefit youth unemployment most of all—exactly where the problem is worst—because most of the jobs opened would be entry-level positions.
    • Families strengthened as parents spend more time with children.
    • Finances of participating families would benefit, which would further strengthen the economy.
  3. To ensure Canadians’ health and security, now and for generations to come

    Another ‘global’ CHP policy would replace the bankrupt CPP and other ‘security’ programs—which offer no real security, but only increase taxes—with a proven program for Personal Individual Security Accounts. Investment of 5% of employment income (matched by employers) in RRSP-type funds in your own name would create a tax-free health/retirement security fund that compounds benefits and is fully portable.

  4. To get a criminal justice system that works

    The CHP would base criminal justice on two principles: restitution and public safety.

    • Restitution would treat non-violent criminals out of jail, making them work to pay restitution to their victims and the court system; this would free about 2/3 of the space in our jails.
    • Public safety means keeping dangerous offenders—violent or sexual offenders, pushers of drugs and child pornography— behind bars until their behaviour in rehabilitation programs demonstrates that they are no longer dangerous.
  5. To support national unity through reconciliation

    An on-going dialogue of mutual respect can heal wounds that divide Aboriginal and non-Native, French and English, native-born and immigrant, east and west, north and south—all the fracture-lines that threaten unity. Your CHP is committed to foster this healing process.

  6. To get responsible management of Canadians’ taxes

    The CHP would treat the National Debt like a mortgage—monthly payments on both principle and interest, so Canadians can ‘burn the mortgage’ in 30-35 years (or less) and leave our children debt-free. It’s time we stopped stealing from our children! The CHP believes in free enterprise, but has identified areas where government investment is urgently needed:

    • Research & Development in low-cost clean water technologies, which would benefit Third-World nations as well as Canadian communities, and give Canada a world lead in this vital technology;
    • Infrastructure renewal to provide Canadians with up-to-date highways, ports, bridges, airports and rail services that will facilitate economic growth and safer travel;
    • The CHP is also committed to support and foster owner-operated businesses, including family farms. These are the economy’s best generator of well-paying new jobs.
  7. To defend the Constitution and Canadian Sovereignty

    Since WW II, federal governments have eroded Canadian sovereignty. Now there is even an International Criminal Court whose authority supersedes Canadian law! Any Canadian could be arraigned before this foreign court, where the right to know your accuser and the presumption of innocence are disregarded. Our federal government has become an undemocratic oligarchy; our courts make unconstitutional rulings that change laws made by Parliament.

And more and more Canadians are beginning to realize that the ‘supremacy of God’ clause in our Constitution is the most important bulwark protecting our democracy and the freedom of religion and freedom of conscience for all Canadians—and only the CHP is committed to the protection of that principle.

For these and many other reasons, more and more Canadians are saying:

“CHP—now THAT makes sense!”