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Press Conference

When Governments Kill
Their Citizens, God Removes
His Blessing

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Press Conference

Government Needs To End
Its Fraudulent Promotion
of Recreational Marijuana

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NATO and Canada’s National Defence Budget

​Can you imagine North Korea encouraging South Korea to increase its defence spending? Well, yes, actually. Every time it experiments with a new rocket, that would be a significant encouragement for South Korea to bolster its defence spending!

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False Flags and Ferry Fiascoes

Flags mean something and those who fly them ought to know what they mean. Flags flown in battle identify the nations involved, indicate the location of the battlefront and rally the troops to follow the flag bearer into action.

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Liberal Senate Wants to Spank Parents!

​Please, don’t call me paranoid but I’m seeing ‘government types’, dictating every move I make. They tell me my moral values are incompatible with government mandated values. They tell me my educational beliefs are incompatible with theirs.

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Canada Day 2018: With Great Freedoms Come Great Responsibilities

​As we celebrate 151 years of Canadian Confederation, it behooves us to reflect on the responsibility we all share to keep covenant with our founders and with our Creator, the One who has allowed us to enjoy all the benefits of civilization, including freedom of speech, freedom of worship, security of the person and personal property rights.

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When Governments Kill Their Citizens, God Removes His Blessing

This Thursday, May 10, we in the Christian Heritage Party, CHP Canada, will be among the thousands of Canadians who will gather on Parliament Hill to remind those who serve as our elected and appointed representatives of the unique value of every human life and the responsibility we all share for protecting it.

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CHP Canada Calls on the Government to End its Fraudulent Promotion of Recreational Marijuana

As the future of Canada and the wellbeing of our children and grandchildren hangs in the balance, we want to present our perspective on the debate over the legalization of so-called “recreational” marijuana.

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CHP Canada Brief to the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform

The Christian Heritage Party Proposal to Combine Mixed Member Proportional Representation and Preferential Local Balloting.

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CHP Canada Challenges Parliament to End the Abuse of Power by the Courts

On behalf of CHP Canada, I want to alert Canadians to the dire threat we face when we allow our courts—and especially the Supreme Court of Canada—to undermine our parliamentary democracy and impose upon Canadians laws and customs contrary to those envisioned by our founders.

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