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Is the Chinese Communist Party More Pro-Life than Canada’s Liberals?

When you think about the track record of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), you can probably think of a long list of human rights violations that would shock most Canadians—Liberals and Conservatives alike.

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A Matter of Life and Death: Your Vote Really Matters!

On October 1, 2021, the Delta Hospice Society conducted an online SGM (Special General Meeting) with an electronic vote to determine whether the Society could hold its AGM (Annual General Meeting) virtually or if it would have to hold an in-person meeting in Delta . . .

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The Maturing of Canuckistan

On the surface, Canadians look free to live life to its fullest. We’ve just come through an election where Canadians got to choose who would lead our country and stipulate that this leader would need at least one cooperating party to lead.

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What Just Happened?

On September 20, 2021, millions of Canadians went to the polls to express an opinion about the type of government they want. At least that is what was supposed to happen.

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CHP vs. Hamilton: A Stunning Victory for Freedom of Political Expression

On Thursday October 4, the Christian Heritage Party (CHP Canada) won a strong decision in its dispute with the City of Hamilton over the removal of political advertising from bus shelters in the city. A Judicial Review panel ruled overwhelmingly in favour of the party whose paid advertising was removed by city staff on August 10, 2016.

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When Governments Kill Their Citizens, God Removes His Blessing

This Thursday, May 10, we in the Christian Heritage Party, CHP Canada, will be among the thousands of Canadians who will gather on Parliament Hill to remind those who serve as our elected and appointed representatives of the unique value of every human life and the responsibility we all share for protecting it.

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CHP Canada Calls on the Government to End its Fraudulent Promotion of Recreational Marijuana

As the future of Canada and the wellbeing of our children and grandchildren hangs in the balance, we want to present our perspective on the debate over the legalization of so-called “recreational” marijuana.

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CHP Canada Brief to the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform

The Christian Heritage Party Proposal to Combine Mixed Member Proportional Representation and Preferential Local Balloting.

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