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On behalf of the members of the Christian Heritage Party of
Canada, we offer our condolences to Queen Elizabeth in the loss
of her beloved husband of 73 years, His Royal Highness,
the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Our condolences to the
Royal Family in losing a father, grand-father and great-grandfather.
May the Lord comfort you during this time of loss.


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Charter Rights Violated; Pastor in Shackles

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Delta Hospice Still Battling

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Anarchy, Tyranny, or Freedom?


Winning the Battle Against Porn

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Do It or Else!

​I remember as a child being told to “Do it or else.” I was never courageous enough to ask what the “or else” option was. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know anyone courageous enough to ask what the second option was. It was in our own best interest to just stay away from the dreaded “or else!’

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Drip, Drip . . . UNDRIP!

​There is something wearying about a persistent drip. It gets on the nerves. It demands action. In politics, there can be a frequently recurring demand or a call for action on a particular issue that is like a constant dripping. It eventually wears down resistance and results in change . . . sometimes very dramatic change. Persistence can be seen as a virtue when the legislative objective appears to be tied to a human rights issue. But not every policy change is beneficial. The persistence of the demand does not prove the value of the result. It only proves that persistence is often rewarded.

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The War Against Gender

​Why do humans fight so hard against reality? Why do we struggle for something that cannot be instead of learning to bear our burdens and disappointments? Philosophers have written and will continue to write on these matters; Dr. Jordan B. Peterson has certainly taken some stabs at the subject in recent years.

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Liberals Euthanize Efforts to Block C-7 Senate Amendments

​There’s nothing new about the Liberals using the Senate, or the courts, or local city councils to do their dirty work. There are simply times when the process is more transparent. This is one of them.

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CHP vs. Hamilton: A Stunning Victory for Freedom of Political Expression

On Thursday October 4, the Christian Heritage Party (CHP Canada) won a strong decision in its dispute with the City of Hamilton over the removal of political advertising from bus shelters in the city. A Judicial Review panel ruled overwhelmingly in favour of the party whose paid advertising was removed by city staff on August 10, 2016.

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When Governments Kill Their Citizens, God Removes His Blessing

This Thursday, May 10, we in the Christian Heritage Party, CHP Canada, will be among the thousands of Canadians who will gather on Parliament Hill to remind those who serve as our elected and appointed representatives of the unique value of every human life and the responsibility we all share for protecting it.

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CHP Canada Calls on the Government to End its Fraudulent Promotion of Recreational Marijuana

As the future of Canada and the wellbeing of our children and grandchildren hangs in the balance, we want to present our perspective on the debate over the legalization of so-called “recreational” marijuana.

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CHP Canada Brief to the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform

The Christian Heritage Party Proposal to Combine Mixed Member Proportional Representation and Preferential Local Balloting.

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