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Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Christian Heritage Party of Canada Party principles are based on these Biblical ethics and are unalterable:

We Believe:

  • There is one Creator God, eternally existent in three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • The Holy Bible to be the inspired, inerrant written Word of God and the final authority above all man’s laws and government.
  • Civil government to be under the authority of God.
  • The purpose of civil government is to ensure freedom and justice for a nation’s citizens by upholding law and order in accordance with Biblical principles.
  • Decision-making processes by civil government must not in any way contravene these Biblical ethics.

An *Elucidation of the CHP’s Five Founding Unalterable Principles

*Definition of ‘Elucidation’: making clear, explanation

Preamble to the Elucidation:

This Elucidation was developed to ensure that both Roman Catholics and Protestants will be able to wholeheartedly endorse our party principles and feel welcome to work at all levels within the party.

The following Elucidation is presented to our members and to those considering membership in the CHP as a way of explaining the intent of the founders of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada (both Protestant and Roman Catholic) regarding our five founding unalterable principles. This Elucidation is the result of the combined diligence of Roman Catholics (including that of a Catholic Canon lawyer) as well as ordained Protestant theologians. This Elucidation was presented to and accepted unanimously by the CHP National Board on 16 Feb 2012. Additionally this Elucidation has the endorsement and approval of Mr. Gerhard Herwig, a Roman Catholic founding father, and the endorsement and approval of Mr Ed Vanwoudenberg a Protestant founding father, both of whom were members on the first national executive.

Party Principles – Explained (ELUCIDATION)

WHEREAS: the Christian Heritage Party of Canada [hereafter referred to as the Party] was founded under Article A section 2 of its Constitution upon commonly agreed principles with the intent of establishing a political party in this Dominion of Canada purposed with the endeavour of reinstating a heretofore manifest Christian worldview within our Federal Government: AND

WHEREAS: both Roman Catholic and Protestant representatives approved of the wording of the unalterable principles: AND

WHEREAS: no implication, stated or assumed in the documents of the Party’s promulgation concerning any misunderstanding of ecclesiastical polity was intended: [at the time of establishment, is presently intended, or ever in the future shall be intended] such as would prevent or inhibit lawful membership in the Party by Roman Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox or Anglican Christians: AND

WHEREAS: a need for clarification of this intention has arisen: it is hereby reiterated and explained that THE AUTHORITY OF SCRIPTURE, established in the Party’s founding principles, Article A section 2, was, is and shall remain, set in the clear understanding of those differences in ecclesiastical authority between Roman Catholics and Protestants that predate the Party’s foundation: AND WHEREAS: This present clarification is by nature an appellant to the Party’s founding intention rather than witness to any defect or lacking in founding principle; the nature of this present document shall not be entitled an ERRATUM, for it is not any error within the Party’s founding principles that is hereby meant to be corrected; nor shall this document be entitled an AMENDMENT, for it is not any change to the Party’s founding principles that is hereby sought to be effected; BUT RATHER it shall be entitled an ELUCIDATION, for it seeks to remediate by way of clarification:

IT IS ACCORDINGLY DECLARED: that the Christian Heritage Party of Canada acknowledges and affirms the understanding and acceptance of authority in the Roman Catholic Church such that the Magisterium which is provided through Apostolic Succession and communion with the Successor of Peter manifests divine authority; and therefore represents a difference between Protestants and Roman Catholics fully understood at the time of the Party’s foundation, yet without prejudice [injury] to the Party’s promulgated establishment for the cause of a shared singular political goal, under the common umbrella of the Party, which is not a Church, but rather a vehicle through which Christians of different background may find that integrity of principle and practise, that allows them to participate and be engaged politically in the public square as citizens of the Dominion of Canada.