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A Dollar a Day

Keeps the CHP in the Fray!

A Dollar a Day Keeps the CHP in the Fray! And it Will Only Cost You 25¢!

Every member of CHP Canada has a golden opportunity to move our party from the back pages of the newspapers to the front page—above the fold! You have the power to make sure that all Canadians learn about the CHP and our great policies for the family, for freedom and for a vibrant national economy.

All of us wish we could do more for our families, our friends, our nation. We tend to think: “If I were rich, I would give more to the CHP (and other worthwhile organizations).” Sometimes we don’t realize how much we could accomplish with the resources we already have.

If every one of CHP’s members would commit to a small donation each day (deducted monthly from your bank account, credit card or PayPal account), we could do so much more to reach this nation with the CHP message, helping to establish electoral district associations, equipping more CHP candidates in every one of Canada’s 338 electoral districts, and producing more and better media tools to inform and educate Canadians about the life, family and justice issues for which only the CHP has solutions.

If you are a taxpayer, you can take advantage of Canada’s tax laws to multiply your contribution FOURFOLD! That’s right, for every dollar you give to the CHP (up to $400 per year), CHP gets the whole amount, but you get ¾ of it back. So $100 only costs you $25 after taxes. $400 only costs you $100 after taxes.

If you are able, join our dollar-a-day plan. That equals $30 per month or $360 per year. This will result in a non-refundable tax credit of $270 so your net contribution for the year is only $90. Averaged over the year, that is less than 25¢ per day!

Here’s the plan and here’s our simple request to you:

If you cannot afford 25¢ per day, can you manage a smaller amount? Even $10 per month would help us continue to operate and would give us the ability to budget more accurately, knowing how much is coming in on a monthly basis. After taxes, this option would only cost you about 8¢ per day!

How can you participate in a regular monthly giving plan?

Three ways; choose the one that suits you best:

  • Bank debit: If you wish to use your bank account, print and complete the attached form and return it to our national office with a cancelled cheque.
  • Online: by clicking on the “Donate” button on our website and choosing a “Recurring Gift” of $10, $25, $30 up to a maximum of $143.75 per month. You will be asked to give your credit card information.
  • Phone for help: 1-888-868-3247 and ask our office staff to put you on an electronic funds transfer using your credit card.

You can make a big difference! Let us know how we can help you become a monthly contributor in the great cause of restoring righteousness to Canadian politics! Thank you for your generous donation!

If you want to do more than $1 per day, you can! Canadian tax laws now allow you to give up to $1725 per year to CHP Canada and an equal amount to your local EDA and/or candidate. Thus you may contribute up to $4.72 per day ($143.75 per month). The amount of the tax break is reduced, of course. You will receive a $650 tax credit on a $1725 donation so your actual cost is $1075 or about $2.95 per day... a great way to help your country!