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Immigration and Refugees

Immigration and Refugees

Canada’s Immigration system is broken . . . and most Canadians know it! Since 2015, the sheer number of immigrants and refugees coming to Canada has far exceeded our capacity to house and properly assimilate them into our culture. In addition, the government policy of allowing and even enabling illegal entry at various border locations has seriously undermined the safety of Canadians, has consumed significant amounts of resources and has contributed to the growth of ethnic ghettoes in our cities. This artificial population growth has contributed to the rising cost of all housing and the shrinking availability of low-income housing. The lack of proper vetting of both immigrants and refugees has also increased the risk of domestic terrorism. In order to bring balance to our immigration system, Canada must enact policies that will reduce pressures on housing, jobs, education, healthcare and Canada’s soaring debt. A CHP Canada government would implement changes in the five following areas:

Citizenship and Loyalty

The decision to choose to live in Canada must be accompanied by patriotism and loyalty to Canada and our democratic values and morals. Previously held traditions and legal systems incompatible with Canada’s culture and law must not be allowed to undermine Canada’s historical values of religious freedom and equality under the law.


The CHP would closely monitor labour market needs and match those needs with immigration applicants possessing those skills. This will help new immigrants to readily establish themselves as contributing members of Canadian society and prevent a drain on social services for immigrants who cannot find employment.

Terrorism and Screening

The Canadian refugee and immigration system has failed to secure our nation from the threats posed by terrorism. CHP Canada would implement a comprehensive and complete overhaul of Canada’s current systems for the purpose of making Canada more secure from the threat of terrorism.


Studies conducted by the C.D. Howe Institute and the Fraser Institute confirm that there are greater financial, economic and social benefits to be gained by shifting the priority in population management away from immigration and toward domestic growth.


In regard to legitimate refugees, CHP Canada understands that some of the high standards demanded of immigration applicants may be waived (with the exception of the loyalty oath) on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.




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