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Justice & Defending Your Rights

Justice is more than crime and punishment. It includes equal protection of all Canadians under our laws. Different levels of freedoms and rights for different individuals or groups is not justice, it is injustice. 

True justice does not allow partiality or special protections for any individual or group of people.

Canada has experienced erosion of justice through the enactment of legislation that raises the interests or concerns of particular groups above the average Canadian.

CHP Canada recognizes our heritage of equality as an integral part of justice and would enact laws based on this premise.

This information is not exhaustive; it gives you the opportunity to see the application of laws under CHP Canada.

  • Defend against Human Rights Commission attacks on free speech and equality of all Canadians.
  • Protect Canadians from being forced into acts that violate their conscience.
  • Defend democracy and our Constitution.
  • Enshrine the right to private property, which is currently not protected under our Charter.
  • Enshrine the right to protect home and family.
  • Protect Victims from
    • Young Offenders
    • Chronic Offenders
    • Property Offenders

Bill C-51

The Christian Heritage Party is convinced that Bill C-51 would involve a sacrifice of freedoms and privacy with no commensurate gain in safety and security. We, therefore, oppose this Bill.

Human Rights Commission

Nationwide we have experienced a discrepancy between the spirit of our Constitution and the actions of our Human Rights Commissions.

The repeal of Section 13 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was a great victory over the rampant persecution of Canadians by the very body that was charged to protect their rights, the Human Rights Commission.

CHP Canada would monitor very closely the rulings of the HRCs to ensure that Canadian Charter rights are protected from infringement by our government or government organizations.

Freedom of Conscience

Canadians, such as those in the medical profession, have increasingly faced pressure that violates their Charter right to freedom of thought.

During times of political dissent, the easiest route for the government or the courts is to remove the rights of individuals who do not agree with the political agenda of our legislators. 

There can be no doubt that the federal government is charged with protecting the fundamental rights outlined in the Charter. Pressure to strip the rights of medical professionals among others must be curtailed.

CHP Canada will defend the Charter rights of all Canadians against incursion by governments or government organizations.

Democracy and our Constitution

Unelected judges striking laws that have been made by elected officials have seriously impacted democracy in Canada. Those whom we have elected to govern this country have neither the will to stand up to activist judges nor the desire to defend our democratic tradition.

Our democracy is further eroded by the Party line being tightly held by the existing Parties represented in the House of Commons. There is a political price to pay for refusing to vote along Party lines on many issues.

Our Constitution, rather than protecting the rights of individual Canadians has become a tool in the hands of groups seeking special status. The strident voices that seek to diminish our heritage are heard and responded to by judges who have stepped beyond their role of administering the law.

CHP Canada refuses to kowtow to activist judges, special interest groups, and whipped votes that weaken our cultural heritage.

Private Property

Our Constitution fails to recognize the right of Canadians to private property.

This tenet of Socialism is unacceptable in a free country such as Canada.

CHP Canada would seek to amend our Constitution, using the formula outlined in our Constitution.

Protection of Home and Family

We have a right to defend ourselves against harm to our home, self or family.

We cannot depend on police to rescue us when in a dangerous life-threatening situation rather there is a place for self-sufficiency.

With proper training, Canadians have a right to protect themselves.

CHP Canada would defend your right to self-defence.




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