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Justice Denied!

Tue, May 16, 2023   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 30    Issue 20 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Kudos to MP Cathay Wagantall, Yorkton Melville, SK, who has introduced to Parliament a Private Members Bill (C-311) seeking legislation focused on pregnant women who are murdered along with their unborn children. This is not a law about abortion but about a woman’s right to choose life for her child.

Thirty-five years ago, many Canadians refused to submit to the oligarchy of Supreme Court Judges who dictated that it was moral, legal, and acceptable to kill pre-born babies. Many Canadians knew better—you cannot legislate the right to kill the innocent.

So, for the last 35 years, many Canadians have protested on Parliament Hill and Provincial Legislatures, as they did last week, on May 11, 2023. Canadians left their homes and workplaces to protest this slaughtering of the infants.

Some people morally feel that there is a problem with taking a very young human being and shredding it so the mother is not forced to carry a child she doesn’t want. But our government holds sacrosanct the right to kill pre-born babies even if the mother chooses life for her child.

The truth is, in our judicial system’s desire to allow the killing of the unborn, they are willing to refuse women the right to choose to give birth to their children. Like other laws that protect only those who support the position of the government, the right to give birth to a child is subservient to the right to deny birth to a child.

So Canadians assemble each year on Parliament Hill and provincial legislatures to try to catch the ear of our very deaf government.

Since protecting the right to kill children has became the norm, numerous provinces have instituted “Bubble Zones” around abortuaries. Bubble zones are areas where you are not, by government dictate, able to practice freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of conscience, etc.

This was further solidified in 2018 when 84-year old Jesuit priest, Father Van Hee, protested the loss of his right to protest because of a Bubble Zone. He was arrested because we cannot “perform or attempt to perform an act of disapproval concerning issues related to abortion services, by any means, including oral, written or graphic means.”

Wow, “an act of disapproval.” I have to admire the Canadian rebels at Parliament Hill and provincial legislatures on Thursday. What if they passed by a bubble zone while carrying pro-life signs that could be construed as “an act of disapproval”? That’s all that it would take to be charged for a crime.

But pro-lifers are gutsy and aren’t easily intimidated, as demonstrated by MP Wagantall’s attempts to protect children wanted by their mother but denied the right to life.

This type of crime isn’t isolated; it is always tragic; and it always results in justice being denied. In Canada, women who have had their lives taken while wanting their unborn children to be born, have been denied justice. Think back to 2019 when there was a call for the enactment of “Arianna’s Law”. Arianna Goberdhan was murdered in 2017 by her estranged husband. She was nine months pregnant with a perfectly healthy baby girl. Her parents sought justice for not only their daughter’s murder but their granddaughter’s murder also. Justice was denied!

Why, you might wonder. Enacting such a law could lead to the belief that women give birth to human beings—not blobs of material or other euphemism to describe a baby. It’s a whole lot harder to explain away that abortion kills a human being . . . a human baby.

The attempt at Arianna’s Law followed a Bill introduced by MP Cathay Wagantall in 2016 called “Cassie and Molly’s Law.” Named after Cassandra Kaake who, along with her unborn daughter Molly, was murdered. The Bill was defeated and, once again, justice denied.

Murdered unborn children have no right to life, even though their mothers had made the choice to give birth to and raise their child . . . even though the mother had a baby kicking and moving in her womb.

A woman may choose to kill her child, but she may not choose to give birth to her child should another stand in opposition.

We know that our Prime Minister and his Liberal Party will not support the right of a woman to choose to have her baby. We know the NDP will not support the right of a woman to choose to have her baby.

But, we have yet to see Pierre Polievre in action. His spokesperson has said that he will vote in favour of the Bill, but . . . as the saying goes, ‘There’s many a slip twixt cup and lip.’

Conservative Leader, Pierre Polievre, has affirmed that he supports a “woman’s right to choose.” But does he? Does a woman have the right to give birth to her child? Should someone deny her that right, her child, nestling safe in its mother’s womb, becomes the victim. And, the woman and the father of her child have been denied the right to choose life for their baby.

I applaud everyone who stood up nationwide to protect Canada’s pre-born children. I also applaud MP Wagantall for her ongoing efforts to provide Canadian women with their choice, to have their children, protected and respected.

CHP Canada is 100% pro-life. Join your voice with ours to protect Canada’s infants.

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