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Party Policy Comparison Chart

Federal Election 2015 – Party Policy Comparison Chart

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Same Sex Marriage

Marriage is "The voluntary union of one man and one woman, to exclusion of all others."

Would call a Parliamentary inquiry into the social consequences, particularly to children.

Would repeal Bill C-38

After just two weeks of sham "hearings", the Liberal government of Paul Martin forced Bill C-38 through the House by "whipping" the Cabinet; this redefined marriage to include same-sex relationships.

Promised in the 2005-2006 campaign to defend the traditional definition of marriage: one-man-and-one-woman; broke that promise by merely asking MPs whether they wanted to re-open C-38. They said "no," and it was dropped.

Broke promise to defend marriage with legislation.

Strongly supports same-sex "marriage"

Supports same-sex "marriage"

Age of Consent for Sexual Intercourse

Raise age of consent to 18

The party has voted against raising the age of consent

Raised age of consent to 16

Opposes increase to age of consent. Some advocate lowering age of consent for anal sex.

No policy statement found

Child Pornography

Would eliminate "artistic merit" defense for possession of child porn

Supports "artistic merit" excuse for possession of some child pornography

Opposes "artistic merit" excuse for possession of child porn

Supports "artistic merit" excuse to possess some child porn

No policy statement found

Life Issues

Amend the criminal code of Canada to protect all innocent human life from conception to natural death.

Liberal Party actively opposes any measures to protect the unborn… even to opposing justice for unborn victims of violence.

Leader Justin Trudeau will not allow any Liberal MPs to vote pro-life.

Prime Minister Harper has said: "I will use whatever influence I have to ensure that no legislation on abortion comes into Parliament.” In an interview on CBC in January of 2011, he reiterated his firm opposition to allowing Parliament to even discuss abortion. The Conservative Party thus defends the abortion industry.

Strongly pro-abortion.

Pro-abortion. Elizabeth May said, “It is vital that safe, legal abortions be available to the women of Canada – and the world.”

Roxanne’s Law

Supports 'Pre-born Victims of Crime" legislation

Opposes any measure to limit a woman’s ‘right to choose’ including justice for unborn victims of violence.

Mr. Harper and 21 Conservative Cabinet ministers voted against 'Roxanne's Law". He stated, "As long as I am Prime Minister, a Conservative government will not re-open the abortion debate and any legislation regarding abortion will be defeated."

Opposition to Unborn Victims of Crime law. 

No stated policy on Unborn Victims of Crime legislation

Motion 312 - A private member’s motion, in 2012, calling for the re-examination of when a pre-born baby becomes a person.

Supports Parliamentary re-examination of when life begins, using modern knowledge of the development of a baby.

CHP position: life begins at conception.

Liberal Party allowed a free vote but is solidly opposed to discussion that could in any way restrict access to abortion.

Prime Minister Harper opposed the motion. He did allow a free vote.

NDP allowed a free vote but the party is solidly opposed to any discussion that might affect unlimited access to abortion. 

"The Green Party opposes any possible move by the Harper Conservatives to diminish the right of a woman to a safe, legal abortion. We fully support a woman’s right to choose,” said Elizabeth May

Sex selective abortion Motion 408 - was deemed non-votable by a committee appointed by Mr. Harper.

Supports Motion 408

Stephane Dion said in Committee, “For my party, the subject is abortion.”

Harper spoke against Motion 408

Strongly opposed to M408.

No stated opinion found

Family Taxation

Eliminate all tax disadvantages to single-income families. Allow income-splitting. Eliminate income tax and replace with Fair Tax (national sales tax)

A few subsidies and programs proposed

A few subsidies and programs proposed. Allowed income-splitting for seniors.

Supports women in the workforce and disparaging of single-income families

No stated policy found

Day Care

A "Family Care Allowance" of $12,000 ($1,000 a month) for any family with children under 18 living at home if one parent stays home to raise the children. This plan would also apply to Elder care and family care for a disabled family member.

Advocates government-funded institutional national day care plan similar to Quebec's, estimated at $5-15 billion of new taxes. (Quebec's plan cost taxpayers 33 times what was predicted.) Short-term family care offset for income loss.

They would scrap the Universal Child Care benefit and start the Canada Child Tax Benefit. This would give up to $5400 to a low income family, earning less than $150,000 with one child under 6.

Pays $1,920 annually directly to each family for care of children under 6. Families with children 6-18 years will receive $720 per year.

Advocates government-funded institutional national day care plan. Promise $15 per day toward 370,000 additional day care spaces,

They would incorporate workplace childcare by offering a tax break for employers who offer daycare spaces.

Health Care

Stronger focus on preventative health care

Retain single gov't payer plan but open competition for delivery of services.

Eliminate funding for abortion and destructive lifestyles.

Fund redesign of hospitals to current state of the art single room facilities to reduce hospital induced infections and deaths.

Strong support for state-monopoly on health care delivery

Wants to return more responsibility for health care to provinces; failed attempts to seriously reduce waiting times

Strong support for state-monopoly on health care delivery


Accountable Government

Strengthen powers and independence of Auditor-General and other gov't watchdogs

Chretien and Martin gov'ts produced crisis of confidence in federal gov't integrity

Passed the Accountability Act. Broke 13 promises in their "Accountability Act" so far.



Guns, Gun Registry and Crime

Opposed the long-gun registry; calls for increased mandatory penalties for the criminal use of firearms.

Supports the rights of citizens to protect themselves and their families.

Supports restitution for crimes.

Strong advocates of gun control.

Repealed long-gun registry legislation; increase penalties around criminal use of firearms; put more officers on the street

Strong advocates of gun control.



Focus on real pollution; air, water, and soil. Considers water vapour and CO2 beneficial to life and agriculture.

Opposes “climate geoengineering” radical green agenda, which would lead to “global dimming”. Also concerned about the moral environment.

"Green Shift" and Kyoto-type plans; advocates a 'carbon tax' on fossil fuel use, which would increase the cost of everything that is moved to market.

Advocates expensive and inefficient carbon “capture and storage” implemented various pollution and chemical regulations in last Parliament

Advocates Cap-and-'Trade and Carbon credits market. Opposes further development of Oilsands

Advocates Cap-and-'Trade and Carbon credits market. Opposes further development of Oilsands


Eliminate Income tax and replace with a "Fair Tax" on consumer items.

Would raise corporate taxes.

Lower corporate taxes. Targeted tax cuts and credits.

Would raise corporate taxes. Targeted tax cuts and credits.

Would raise corporate taxes. Targeted tax cuts and credits.

Defence of the Constitution

Restrain judicial activism, affirm Preamble of the Constitution

Ambivalent at best to judicial activism; ignore Preamble of the Constitution

Ignores Preamble of the Constitution;

Has failed to use the Notwithstanding Clause to defend human life

Ambivalent at best to judicial activism; ignore Preamble of the Constitution

No stated policy

Public funding of political parties

Opposes the concept; if public funding continues, it should not unfairly benefit the largest parties

Endorses the concept

Receives the largest amount of taxpayer mone

Endorses the concept

Has benefited from the per-vote subsidy, which has now been phased out