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Self Defence

Self Defence

Self-Defence and Firearms Ownership


Better Solutions for Gun Control

The problem:

Gun-related crimes and “home invasions” are escalating—especially in Canada’s cities. Canadians don’t feel safe. If armed criminals break into your home, a call to police won’t provide protection; the best they can do is provide a case number for your insurance claim—if you survive.

The CHP’s Better Solutions:

  • The CHP would maintain the current Possession Acquisition Firearms Licence (PAL) for both restricted and non-restricted firearms. This Federal licence ensures that the firearm owner is properly trained and indicates which firearm types the bearer is qualified to be in possession of. It also allows police to know who owns a firearms licence. If persons become a danger to society, their firearms licence can be revoked.
  • The CHP applauds the end of the long gun registry, which was used to record the serial number of all long guns being purchased or transferred. This very expensive system cost the Canadian tax payers millions of dollars and was finally eliminated.
  • Provide public-use of rifle and pistol certification programs for civilians on existing military and the Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) ranges. This would develop and encourage firearms ownership, enhance safety and allow people to be aware of their obligations and responsibilities.
  • Instruct the Firearms Centre to issue (shall issue) Type III Authorization to Carry permits to any Restricted Firearm Possession and Acquisition licence holder who asks for one. Having the right to own a firearm is not enough; Canadians should have the right to carry one for self-defence.
  • The CHP will maintain the registration of handguns but would restore the right of Canadians to own .32 and .25 calibre firearms of barrel lengths shorter than 4.1 inches. Small handguns in the hands of those who are physically weaker would do much to end the fear they currently experience because of violent ex-partners. The current system of restraining orders has clearly proved a failure.
  • The CHP would do away with the requirement for the purchaser to belong a gun club when purchasing a handgun. In its place the CHP would require all training to include live firings (on a range) of both handguns and long guns.

The CHP policy 6.7.7 clearly states: “We assert that the federal government must not restrict the right of law-abiding citizens to own firearms, whether for sporting use or for self-defence.”
CHP policy 7.1.6: “We believe the ‘Charter of Rights’ should be amended to include the right to private ownership and enjoyment of property.”
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