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Canada’s economy is a priority! Our economy either enriches or impoverishes future generations of Canadians as well as today’s citizens.

Jobs are essential to provide a healthy economy. Pride in what we have contributed to society ensures a healthy, productive workforce.  A healthy, productive workforce enriches those who serve an active role both in material resources and in their ability to serve their families and others.

We have numerous prongs to our economic platform. This list is not exhaustive but it does provide you with the opportunity to see what a CHP economy would look like.

  • Taxation - CHP Canada's short-term solution would be "Lower, Simpler, Flatter Taxes" (as recommended by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation) and allowing full income-splitting for all married couples (one man-one woman).
  • Employment - The CHP would put Canada back to work with a nationwide infrastructure stimulus package that would improve our cities, our highways and our transportation and services infrastructure.
  • Debt, Deficit and Stimulus - Deficit spending is theft — successive Liberal and Conservatives governments have been stealing money from our children and grandchildren to buy votes. It’s time to take responsibility for our national finances, eliminate our deficit, repay our debt and give future generations the same economic opportunities that we have enjoyed.
  • Canada Pension Plan - Overhaul the broken Canada Pension Plan with a new Personal Income Security Account (PISA).
  • Federal Provincial Relations - Since Confederation, Canadian politics have been a balancing act between the federal core and the provinces, which are closer to the people. Cooperation between all levels of government is essential. Pointing fingers or shuffling responsibilities will only delay and increase the cost of providing the services Canadians need.
  • The Arts - The arts in Canada have become overly dependent on government subsidies. Currently the regulatory bodies that oversee support and funding seeming to favour art that promotes the lowest common denominator of decency. Any government funds to the arts must promote good morals and family values.

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