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The CHP is strongest when we have a dedicated team of volunteers to help us change the political influence in Canada. 
There are always ample opportunities for you to serve. If each person who cares about the political and spiritual direction of our country were to do a little then our party would have an increasing impact and we would build greater influence. 
Please contact us today if you would consider volunteering: 

  • Nationally 
  • Provincially 
  • Locally 

To contact us to discuss how you can do your part: 


Work on your local EDA/Riding Board throughout the year
Help in your local EDA/Riding during an election period or for special event
Display a CHP sign on your yard during an election
Help put signs up during an election
Be part of a CHP department that researches and advises the policy committee on specific topics
Assist your national office by volunteering a couple hours a week to stuff envelopes, type or make phone calls

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