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Action Teams

Action Teams

PC&E Committee (Publicity, Communications and Education)

The mandate of this committee is to publish newsletters or Party newspapers on a regular basis for the benefit of the membership. Moreover, this committee is in charge of all Party advertising and promotional and educational material at the national level and provides guidance for the local electoral district associations.

  • Vicki Gunn
  • Peter Vogel
  • Rod Taylor

P&S Committee (Policy and Strategy)

This Committee prepares policy resolutions for Conventions as well as ensuring that all our policy is in line with our Constitution and the Canadian Constitution. They also ensure that policies are prepared for Candidates before elections.


  • Rod Taylor
  • David Darwin


  • Jakki Jeffs
  • Carla Gibson
  • John Gots
  • Rhys Williams
  • Elaine Taylor
  • Christine Armas
  • Geoffrey Capp
  • Marie-Chantal Leriche
  • Peter Vogel