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It’s Time for a Frank Discussion

Tue, January 21, 2020   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 27    Issue 3 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

How many of you, prior to having children, approached your MP, MPP or your local councillors and school boards to discuss how your children would be brought up?

It’s time for a frank discussion on sexual ethics and morality as it relates to: child rearing and education, government-promoted sexuality, and public decency.

Did you discuss any of this with your government representative before you discussed having children with your husband or wife? Was that part of your marriage preparation class? Or, after marriage, did you snuggle down with your husband or wife, local councillor, Member of Provincial Parliament or Member of Parliament so you could have a frank discussion about how to raise the family that you and your husband or wife would like to create? In a free country, is it really the role of public officials to oversee how we raise our children?

In China, whose “basic dictatorship” our Prime Minister admires so much, did parents snuggle down with their supreme ruler prior to the implementation of the “One Child Policy”? Where but in a basic dictatorship would one expect to have the government in the “bedrooms of the nation”?

Well! I mean … other than in Canada.

Over half a century ago, PM Trudeau senior made famous the axiom, “There is no room for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.” He did add the caveat, “When it becomes public it’s a different matter.”

His infamous “Omnibus Bill” changed Canadian law and challenged all things decent.

So what are some of the effects?

As mentioned last week, Canada is missing a large part of several generations. Four million Canadian babies have been killed in the interests of expediency and in the name of “choice”. If you look through our Communiqués over the years, you will see that Canada has paid a huge price for Trudeau senior’s Omnibus Bill. And that cost will continue to grow as the baby boomers retire and the Gen Xers, the Millennials, and Gen Z struggle to support our retirement through the Canada Pension Plan. Remember, the government did not invest in our own names our many years of contributions; rather, they financed the retirement of earlier generations with the contributions of the working generations that followed. The government, after dictating how much we should put aside, then chose how our CPP funds would be used. (“Thank you, Daddy state!”)

As the CPP Investment Board scrambles to catch up, Canada faces the hiccough of having retirees too numerous for the current working generation to sustain. That’s ok though; now we have Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) so we can pressure our seniors to “die with dignity”… and to save medical costs, the sooner the better!

But back to the discussion Canadians should have with all levels of government prior to having kids:

The first thing to consider is maternity benefits, parental benefits and extended parental benefits. It’s important to discuss these with the government. After all, this taxpayer expense apparently gives the government the right to make decisions for your family. On the positive side, we get all that “free” money . . . while the government oversees our life.

Also, we must consider the cost of daycare, another reason to snuggle down with your government prior to the decision to have children. After all, this is one place where politicians can buy votes! Government funded or unfunded daycare? Taxpayer dollars in government funded daycare are used to justify the government’s intrusion into the types of things your children will be taught in daycare.

What are early childhood educators (ECE) in training being taught to teach our young children? The University of Toronto has a book out to help us understand what ECEs should be teaching.

It reads: “The role of an educator is infused with the responsibility of providing a holistic, emotionally supportive environment for young children. Often, educators take on a “parenting role” giving children a foundation in morals and values through discussions with children or through modelling appropriate behaviour” (emphasis added).

It later lists in an action plan: “Use children’s literature in the early childhood classroom as a vehicle for discussion. Building Bridges offers suggestions of queer-positive stories that may incite discussion with children of all ages” (emphasis added). They forgot–of course–to include heterosexual-positive stories.

State funded daycare ensures that your children are introduced to the most modern world view . . . whether it’s your world view or not.

Of course, as your children develop, they will face increasing pressure to adopt the secular religion and sexual ethics of our government through educational programs such as Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression (SOGIE). Forgetting the natural shyness of women and girls, many government funded schools are now forcing our children to endure gender non-specific washrooms. With a complete disregard for the natural modesty and shyness of young people in their changing teenage bodies, public educators have become enforcers of a world view that makes the state the primary arbiter of sexual and moral values for our children.

In fact, they [parents and teachers] reported, the surge in primary and secondary schools implementing gender-neutral bathrooms has made girls “who are menstruating so anxious about sharing facilities with boys that some are staying at home for fear of being made to feel ‘period shame.’” Some are even “risking infections by refusing to urinate all day,” and others are coping by refusing to drink liquids while at school.

Don’t you wish that you had discussed this with your MP, MPP and local governments before you had children facing health implications for the traditional viewpoints you worked so hard to teach them?

This doesn’t take into account student organizations such as “Gay Straight Alliances,” about which you as a parent might never be informed. It doesn’t take into account that, you as parents are being stripped of your authority over your own children when it comes to discussing issues of gender identity. The government is fast moving to ban “conversion therapy,” an undefined set of approaches to helping people struggling with unwanted gender confusion.

PM Trudeau Senior’s caveat, “When it becomes public it’s a different matter,” has now become the norm. Today, public discussions of sexuality are very hard to avoid. Businesses feel compelled to affirm sexual diversity. Municipal governments, politicians and everyday Canadians are shamed into approving public parades featuring people baring their private parts. Acts that used to be confined to the bedrooms of the nation have now taken over the streets. And to our shame, we have allowed it!

It’s time for public decency to be recovered. It’s time for us to reclaim our heritage, which includes and honours a sense of modesty. It’s time to put sexuality back into the bedrooms of married couples where it belongs and leave our schools to teach academics. Our public streets, upon which we all rely for getting to work and school, should be places where decency and respect are the norm. It’s time for the moral values of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada to be restored. Join CHP Canada today!

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