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Shall We Surrender??

Tue, June 09, 2020   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 27    Issue 23 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

Governments at all levels are allowing—and often imposing—the viewpoint that . . . truth is relative, what used to be wrong is now right, what was once considered sinful is now moral. . . and related nonsense they think our ears are itching to hear.

But do we, who believe that the Ten Commandments are the basis of a moral society, actually believe that? Will we stand immovable on moral principles even if our government chooses to steal? Do we just shrug our shoulders, or do we hold their feet to the fire? If they choose to murder, do we just shrug it off as the price of governing, or do we transpose our vote to a government that will refrain from killing? When governing officials tell us something that is clearly and unequivocally a lie, do we lament “that’s politics” and get on with nonpolitical things — or do we confront the lie and require truth?

Canadians are largely disassociated from the political process; a study in 2006 showed only about 1-2% of Canadian voters belonging to a political party. This is the lowest in any western democracy.

Perhaps the question needs to be asked as to whether Canadians really care about freedom and democracy or would we be just as happy living in Trudeau’s “basic dictatorship”? I know what I choose!

Our government uses our tax dollars to finance the Court Challenges Program (CCP), which seems to always take traditional values to court (with taxpayer funding) while leaving the defence of traditional values to whomever can afford it. Obviously, none of us have the funds to compete with the bottomless purse created by the government’s absolute control over our tax-dollars. One of the major moral traditions brought down by the CCP was marriage. Macleans Magazine tells us: “The court challenges program will receive $5 million in annual funding to support individuals and groups for developing and litigating test cases, as well as funding for legal interventions”. Funding to take down traditional values, but no equal funding to defend traditional values. But, do we Canadians really care?

When our government uses our tax dollars to buy off the press, such as the $595 million dollar media bailout program implemented late last year, with only those media outlets chosen by the government receiving funds, why is there so little push-back? This program is more along the lines of Russia’s TASS (Russian News Agency), which is owned and controlled by the Russian government, than something we would expect in a democracy like Canada.

Perhaps we should consider this: whether or not we believe life is sacred from conception to death, our tax dollars are used to fund abortions and euthanasia. Or perhaps we should look at the Canada Summer Jobs Program’s qualifications: they require agreement with the current government’s position on abortion to receive funds — contrary to Christian (and other) values. You can believe what you like, but you will not be treated equally if you don’t submit to government-regulated beliefs.

All of these things have this in common: the requirement that Canadians submit our freedom to the government’s position. This is contrary to our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. When governments do not honour the Charter, they are neither respecting the law, nor the citizens.

When our government mandates acceptable opinions and beliefs, Canadians must not remain disassociated from the political process. We might feel overwhelmed by this juggernaut, but we must act!

The challenge lies in awakening Canadians to the truth that if we want freedom in the future, we must be prepared to demand that our governments respect it now.

Canadians have allowed our tax dollars to be used to disassemble our culture through the Court Challenges Program. If we didn’t stand up and say “no” then we allowed it! Canadians have allowed our government to purchase and control the news rather than allowing media the independence to report the truth. If we didn’t stand up and say “no” then we allowed it. Canadians have allowed over one million of our children to be slaughtered rather than accept that saying “yes” or “no” is a decision and, like any decision, has consequences. If we didn’t stand up and say “no” then we allowed it. We made the choice to allow our freedom to be removed; to allow our rights to be revoked; to allow our culture to be destroyed; to allow our democracy to be diminished.

It’s not too late. Every week, many of you read these Communiqués. Are you convinced that Canadians still have something worth fighting for? Are you willing to stand up and refuse to allow the standard to be moved further? Are you willing to become a member of CHP Canada and do what it takes to offer to your children and grandchildren the freedoms and rights that you inherited from generations who did take a stand?

For over thirty years CHP has been available to Canadians. It is a political party that stands firmly on our God-given rights and freedoms. Canadians have allowed emotional manipulations to move us along the road from democracy toward socialism, from freedom to tyranny. We have allowed ourselves to be fooled into thinking that the government grants us the rights laid down in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms rather than standing on the truth that these are God-given, fundamental rights.

If you think that CHP is too small to achieve anything, consider that there are actually many others who have also thought this—and if each of these well-meaning people had supported CHP, had stood up as candidates, and had refused to retreat one inch further—the CHP would be much larger than it is today. We would be a force to be reckoned with! It’s not too late! Now is the time to make a difference!

If, however, we accept the status-quo then we will continue to see programs and decisions that disassemble our heritage; we will see more programs that require us to affirm beliefs that we don’t share; we will see our rights to think and to believe as we choose diminished even further. We may even find governments telling us where we should be, when we should be there, whether or not we can work, and (perhaps quite soon) ordering us to submit our bodies to mandatory vaccinations. Who knows what else?

In the dark days of World War II, Churchill expressed the resolve of the British: “…we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be; we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.” Although victory wasn’t guaranteed, it was this resolve that won the war.

This is our heritage! Do you have that resolve? Do I have that resolve? I hope and pray that Canadians will rise up and defend our floundering democracy.

There is a way forward! Many Canadians have no political resolve… remember only 1-2% belong to political parties, but that means that your voice, your contributions, and your actions count all that much more!

Join CHP Canada today! But, don’t just join, get active! Stand up for the freedoms and equalities that are our heritage!

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