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Press Release - The Economic Cost of Moral Anarchy

Fri, September 15, 2023


The full text of a CHP Press Conference delivered by CHP Leader Rod Taylor to the Ottawa Press Gallery on September 15, 2023

Welcome to the Ottawa Press Corps—journalists, broadcasters and all of you who work so hard to bring current news and varied opinion to the Canadian public.

I’m Rod Taylor, National Leader of CHP Canada, one of Canada’s 16 registered federal parties. The Christian Heritage Party has long been known for our commitment to the protection of innocent human life from conception until natural death, a position we still hold . . . and on this position we stand alone.

However, our many policies on economic and other issues are not as well known. We believe they are also critical to the growth and stability of Canada, and in fact, that they are inextricably entwined with issues of morality and social values. As a starting point for this discussion, we point to the opening statement of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which posits Canada’s founding principles as recognizing the “supremacy of God and the rule of law.” In terms of governing Canada, its provinces, territories and municipalities, a departure from these principles is contrary to the spirit and letter of the Charter; it also puts at risk—not only the rights and freedoms it was intended to protect—but the economic wellbeing of Canadian families and the nation itself. For Canada to survive as a nation, we need our economy to be strong and it is to this end I offer the following remarks.

Those citizens who acknowledge the Creator and who recognize His supremacy in all things are familiar with the concept of seeking His blessing and His guidance in all that we do. We understand that His moral code—much of which has been entrenched in our founding documents and in legislation passed at all levels of government—carries with it a promise of blessing for those who obey it and a judgment for those who despise its precepts. We in the CHP believe this has relevance in the areas of economics, health, productivity and security.

I want to offer some practical applications of this perspective for your consideration . . . because our God is a very practical God. We desire to see His blessing on Canada, on our homes and businesses, on our cities and farms, on our international reputation, on our justice system, on our schools and on the generations yet to be born. As the scriptures say, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

Let us begin with a sober assessment of where we are today, economically:

Canada is deeply in debt. The federal government owes about $1.2 Trillion. A trillion is a thousand billion and a billion is a thousand million. That’s a lot of money. Our current government is adding to that debt, using the current taxpayers’ and future taxpayers’ credit card at the rate of $109 million per day; yes, our federal debt is growing by $109 million per day. And what is that debt costing? Canada is paying out about $120 million every single day in INTEREST ALONE on that debt; no apparent effort is being made to reduce the debt or the cost of servicing that debt. In fact, as interest rates go up at home and around the world, the cost of debt servicing will continue to rise.

I’m sure every politician in the country could think of a better use of $120 million per day than to pay it to the international banksters. But very few of those politicians have had the honesty, the courage or the fiscal discipline to cut wasteful spending in order to achieve a balanced budget . . . because that’s what it takes. It’s too easy to use borrowed money to promise voters programs and entitlements, the cost of which exceeds the amount that can be raised by taxes. But those costs and the costs of debt servicing that follow are not only a burden on current taxpayers but a hidden burden on future generations who will have neither benefited directly from the expenditures nor had a voice in approving them. In this way, deficit spending is theft from the generations yet to be born.

The second unintended consequence of deficit spending is that it devalues our currency by expanding the money supply. Canadians today are already feeling the impact of Canada’s growing debt. Inflation is recognized by rising prices; but one of the reasons for those price hikes is the devalued dollar. Citizens not only have increased taxes and fees but they must pay them out of a paycheque that is now stretched perilously thin by the price of groceries, heating fuel, transportation and lodging. Some politicians want to blame businesses but fail to address this other root cause: wasteful government spending.

We in the Christian Heritage Party have long had a policy of mandatory balanced budgets. It’s good to hear other parties beginning to use that phrase, but if history tells us anything, it is that both Liberals and Conservatives—when in power—have used the power of the purse to remain in power. In other words, they have used taxpayers’ money and borrowed money to buy votes.

While the current government has set a new record for irresponsible and reckless spending, doubling the federal debt in just 8 years, the previous Conservative government of Mr. Harper—while promising during successive election periods to return to balanced budgets—added nearly $150 billion to the national debt.

The Bible advises against debt and certainly against failing to pay back one’s debt. It says that “the borrower is servant to the lender.” Canada has indeed become a servant to those from whom we have borrowed. Our failure to address this has led to a situation where we are now borrowing to pay the interest on our existing debt. This is a bad example to our citizens and—if we continue down this path—will eventually lead to bankruptcy.

What about the negative economic consequences of other policy decisions being made by our elected representatives? . . . Where shall we begin?

The shedding of innocent blood in abortion clinics has some very observable economic costs. Since 1970, Canada has killed over 4 million pre-born babies. At a current rate generally estimated at about 100,000 per year, that is the equivalent of about 4,000 classrooms of children every year. That would be the loss of 4,000 teacher jobs per year. It also represents an annual loss of sales income for food, clothing, toys, books, bicycles, etc. That number also represents the loss of 4 million Canadian workers who would today be building houses, programming computers, performing surgery and growing crops. In addition, many studies have shown a significant increase in breast cancer rates among women who terminate a first pregnancy. Even a slight increase in breast cancer adds incremental costs to our medical system.

The Liberals think they can replace these 4 million missing children by mass immigration, but that strategy is failing. The costs of caring for the huge number of immigrants who need housing, health care, language training and other government services cannot be compared to small cost involved in the gradual addition of infants and toddlers through natural birth within Canadian families.

On top of the outright measurable economic costs of abortion, there are the immeasurable but very real outcomes that can be reasonably expected when we violate God’s laws. It appears that Canada is already under judgment for the shedding of innocent blood. Who’s to say that fires, floods, droughts, pandemics, economic downturns, increased crime, poor crops and a falling dollar are not warnings to us to repent of our national sins and rededicate our nation to the Lord. After all, He made us. Male and female, He made us. In His image, He made us. As our Creator, He knows what’s best for us. His command, “Thou shalt not kill” innocent human life is not a suggestion. It is an eternal law, written in our hearts, even if politicians and judges have ignored it in written legislation.

What other social patterns have we adopted as a nation that violate the spirit and the letter of God’s will revealed in Holy Scriptures?

God tells us as children to, “Honour your father and your mother, that you may live long on the earth.” If we want Canadian children to have long, happy and productive lives, we should be encouraging them to respect their parents. This is a good exercise. Children who honour and obey their parents are more likely to honour and respect police officers and others as they grow into adults. They are less likely to be involved in crime or go to jail.

Today, however, we have public educators, politicians and education ministers telling children NOT to talk with their parents about the gender ideology being imposed on them in public schools. They are encouraged to change their names and pronouns and in some cases even to begin taking puberty-blocking drugs without informing or involving their parents in these decisions. The setting up of barriers of communication within families and the recruitment of young people as LGBTQ activists without their parents’ knowledge or consent has a destructive impact on young lives.

When some of these young people take further steps—and some have gone as far as taking cross-sex hormones, undergoing physical mutilation, the removal of body parts and irreversibly embracing a lifestyle inconsistent with their biological genders—many of them find themselves unable to reproduce and often subject to depression and suicide. Aside from the moral considerations, there are huge economic aspects of this recent peer-conscious trend. The cost of the drugs and surgeries are borne by hardworking taxpayers. A medical system that is currently unable to meet the needs of Canada’s citizens for other, less controversial procedures, is now stretched to accommodate this perceived need, which many experts declare is not only unnecessary but extremely harmful.

Our country’s embrace of so-called “no-fault divorce,” and the current trend of many young people to avoid a marriage commitment altogether have led to a high rate of single-parent homes and a vast number of children being raised without a father in the home. Statistics show that children raised without a father are more likely to quit school, commit acts of violence, be incarcerated or be admitted to a psychiatric hospital, commit or attempt suicide, run away from home, abuse chemical substances, etc. These are all tragic consequences in themselves but each incident also carries an economic cost for society: the use of court time, prison space, medical attention and the distraction of a parent from other responsibilities constitute a net drain from the resources of taxpaying Canadians.

Divorce and separation also weigh heavily on the time, energy, health and finances of both parents. Immediate economic challenges include arranging for two homes, two cars, lawyer fees, babysitting, etc. While separation cannot always be avoided, its prevalence as an escape from a less-than-ideal marriage certainly adds to the economic pressures on us all.

The acceptance by society and law enforcement officers of harmful and addictive drugs is a lazy and counterproductive approach to the challenging problems of drug abuse, addictions and overdose deaths. The province of B.C., with the approval of the Prime Minister, has basically legalized (or decriminalized) the possession of 2.5 grams of Fentanyl, enough to kill 1250 people. The operation of so-called “safe injection sites” and the government’s intention to guarantee a “safe supply” of harmful addictive substances has led to an increase—not a decrease—of opioid overdose deaths in B.C.: over 1400 since January. The tragedy of these lost lives is accompanied by an outrageous financial burden as paramedics race around trying to revive those whom society has abandoned to hopelessness. How much better (and cheaper) it would be for us to help these troubled souls to get off these drugs, to find purpose in living and to become productive citizens.

Of course, with those street drugs comes prostitution, disease and crime. The sprawling tent cities becoming permanent dysfunctional appendages on cities large and small are one of the unintended results of a society unhinged from any sense of responsibility and work ethic. Every inhabitant of these districts is a recipient of the hard-earned funds of others, either through direct charitable giving or through government aid funded by taxpayers. They’re more to be pitied than censured . . . but our misguided benevolence and efforts at accommodation are doing nothing to help them regain their independence and self-respect. Again, the Bible encourages every person to work hard and diligently to provide for themselves and their families. Governments that instead promote and provide for irresponsible behaviours will encourage more of them.

The final immoral behaviour I wish to address is intentional dishonesty. Governments that lie about their intentions, their motives and the results of their actions invite God’s judgment on their tenure and on the jurisdictions over which God has granted them a measure of temporal authority. They also encourage deceitfulness among the people whom God has given them the privilege of leading. There’s a proverb that says, “When a ruler hearkens to lies, all his servants become wicked.” Leaders ought to be shining examples of integrity and honesty. Sadly, this is not always the case.

Representatives of the current federal government have lied about many things. They declared that certain pharmaceutical products were “safe and effective,” even when the evidence indicated otherwise. They have said that they value freedom of speech and the protection of peaceful protest when their actions proved otherwise. They have imposed unbearably harsh carbon taxes that have driven up the price of everything in Canada, claiming that it is for the good of the planet, while knowing that these same taxes are doing nothing to preserve the environment. They’ve launched a war on beef, pretending that crickets are the equivalent menu item. In doing so, they are damaging the economy, disrupting families and degrading our food supply.

The bottom line is that governments at all levels MUST humble themselves and admit that they cannot spend their way out of debt. Honest politicians MUST tell their constituents and the voters who put them in office that they are going to cut spending—dramatically! Then they must do it. They MUST institute mandatory balanced budgets and begin—slowly and painfully—paying down the accumulated debt. They MUST end confiscatory carbon taxes. They MUST abandon their failed, useless and expensive attempts to mandate vaccines, masks and antisocial behaviour. They MUST recognize the value of every human life, acknowledge God the Creator as the source of all life and begin treating every Canadian citizen equally under the law.

Only if we return to a respectful and God-honouring society can we hope to receive the blessings of productive crops, safe streets, economic stability, justice in our courts, flourishing communities and peaceful homes. This transition cannot be accomplished by politics alone, by economic measures or by government edicts. This transformation can only come when the citizens of this nation, including politicians, judges, doctors, police officers, students and teachers acknowledge our failures and seek the forgiveness and favour of Almighty God.

For this great transformation and renewal . . . we in the Christian Heritage Party work, hope and pray.


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