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Will Democracy Collapse in Canada?

Tue, June 14, 2022   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 29    Issue 24 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Why don’t more Canadians vote?

According to Statistics Canada, the most common reason for not voting is that people are not interested in politics (32%). The two exceptions were that among those aged 75 and older, 39% didn’t vote due to illness or disability; and among those aged 35-44, they were just “too busy.” But 1/3 of Canadians don’t vote because they’re not interested in . . . what? Free speech? Freedom to travel anywhere in this country? Freedom to leave this country if they choose? Freedom to believe what they want? Freedom to hear the truth in the media? These are bedrock issues of a free society.

In Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, a trip to the polls earlier this month was made by a mere 43.5% of eligible voters. In the British Columbia 2020 election, 54.5% of eligible voters showed up at the polls.

I have to wonder whether people understand the cost of freedom in our country. As we watch the actions of our Prime Minister (recently called out by EU leaders for his dictatorial governance), we must question if we will be able to retain the freedoms on which this country was built . . . freedoms founded in our Christian world view.

This indifference to our democracy can be seen in this report, “The Global State of Democracy.” At least some of our democratic institutions are still standing. But, Canadians should be showing increased concern over our ratings in the following categories: Effective Parliament; Judicial Independence; Electoral Participations; and Social Group Equality.

If we look at those under the greater category of “Checks on Government,” also called “Effective Control of Executive Power,” which includes Judicial Independence, Effective Parliament and Media Integrity, we see growing cause for concern. “Media Integrity” currently sits as a “green light” item, but we know that this cannot last. Canadians know that our media has been bought with a $600 million grant by the Trudeau government, thus compromising the media’s independence. Our government helps fund only those media outlets that report well on them, and it also provides approved media with special media cards. Media outlets that will not toe the line and that call it like they see it, they are not given access cards to events - such as the Trucker Convoy earlier this year and Leader’s Debates during the election last year.

But without action by our citizens, what would change this current trend of a government shedding the checks put in place to preserve democracy? It seems that Canadians are not overly concerned. According to StatsCan, more than 1/3 of Canadians just aren’t interested. That becomes a scary statistic when we consider our Prime Minister’s statement that he admires “China’s basic dictatorship.”

How do we restore a healthy democracy to Canada? How do we recapture the essentials of our democracy such as Judicial Independence? How do we restore to Canadians the democratic right to protest extreme measures by the government? Measures such as: freezing the bank accounts of citizens who protest government policy; or arbitrarily locking down businesses—such as was done in the pandemic—costing many small business people their livelihood; or the bought media reporting lies as if they were facts such as was done during the Trucker Convoy; or the many other cracks that we see in our freedoms and rights as independent citizens.

It’s time for Canadians to stop looking at the stale policies of the three largest parties (four, if we include the Bloq Quebecois). There are a variety of political opinions among Canadians yet apathetic voters in 2021 re-elected a Liberal Party that is so indistinguishable from the NDP that they can join forces to co-govern Canada without a mandate to do so. Or a Conservative party that, like a child begging for recognition, continually bounces up and down affirming, “Me too . . . me too.”

Do you know where the foundation of our freedom is? The foundation is our Christian heritage. The laws with which we have historically protected these freedoms come directly from that heritage.

There is no other world view that has given so much freedom both individually and as a nation. Yet, we squander it!

We squander our inheritance while we allow our consciences to be bound by chains; while we allow chains that hinder our ability to move about freely; chains to bind our equal treatment as citizens; chains that limit our choices of government; and, of course, chains (as proposed in Bill C-261) that would punish us for things we have not yet said or done.

As we see the mounting pile of freedoms tossed on the scrap heap of history, we lament that over 1/3 of Canadians (nearly 2/3 in Ontario’s recent election) seem to have no interest in politics—even though politics is definitely interested in them! It’s time for all Canadians to rouse themselves and get involved. It may be hard for some to comprehend the urgency of this, but unless we all do our part now, we will be pass on to our children a severely diminished democracy—if any democracy at all.

Look at the policies of the Christian Heritage Party. Recognize the inherent value of laws set according to an immutable standard. See how every aspect of government applies to each one of us every day. Not being interested is not an option.

The Christian Heritage Party has spent the past thirty-five years proclaiming the need to preserve our heritage and the foundation on which it is built. Without a foundation, the whole structure will fall down. Today, when we look at the international assessment given to our democracy, we know that time is running short. If freedom matters, it certainly matters now.

Join CHP Canada! Be informed and active as a member. We need you to help us defend and protect our nation; to preserve it for future generations.

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