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The War Against Gender

Tue, March 23, 2021   |   Author: Peter Vogel   |   Volume 28    Issue 12 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Why do humans fight so hard against reality? Why do we struggle for something that cannot be instead of learning to bear our burdens and disappointments? Philosophers have written and will continue to write on these matters; Dr. Jordan B. Peterson has certainly taken some stabs at the subject in recent years.

Gender is the first and most defining reality of a new human being. Long before a baby even thinks about whether it’s a boy or girl, its biological gender has been established. In previous ages, the gender of a newborn was the first thing announced after its birth, usually before being given a name; today, the gender is often known and announced before birth, in this age of ultrasound technology.

The idea of trying to switch genders is not unheard of in human history; in this age of incredible medical advancements, humans continue to look for ways to try to defy and redefine reality. Hormone therapies and surgeries have allowed people, especially young people, the opportunity to (try to) change their gender. The impossible is presented as possible, the unthinkable as thinkable.

So, once upon a time there was a little girl. She had a mommy and a daddy who unfortunately divorced. She lived with her mom, but her dad had contact with her and still loved her. In high school, the girl had emotional difficulties, as many teens do. She was taught BC’s radical sex education, SOGI 123. She was not happy with her life; she wanted change. At age 14, she decided that she wanted to change her gender. People at her school tried to help her, but not by counselling her to be at peace with her existence and gender. Instead, they “helped” her to begin the process of change, including puberty-blockers. When her dad found out, he was alarmed. He wanted the process to be stopped, believing that his daughter was not old enough to make such a life-altering decision. He tried his best and did everything he legally could to truly help his daughter, whom he loved dearly.

Unfortunately, this is a true story and it does not have a “happily ever after” ending. Neither is it over. But the father, when he ran out of legal options, decided that he would have to break court orders and speak out about this situation to raise public awareness. Now, he has gone to jail.

Normally, in CHP Communiques, we try to give more exact details, background and links to articles and other sources for the points we are trying to make. For the details around this case, we have to be very careful because we, as a Canadian organization, are not allowed to publish the father’s name or the name of the doctor who is doing the gender-altering surgery on the daughter. The daughter, who now considers herself male, is a minor, so we would not want to publish her name, even if we knew it, but the publication ban on the father’s name is more questionable.

You can easily find articles about this (including the father’s and doctor’s names) online using your favourite search engine by entering search terms such as “dad of trans teen breaks court order.” (The publications that use the actual names of the father and doctor are not Canadian-based, and thus not constrained by the court order.)

This is an extremely sad account of where our society is at, both morally and legally. On the moral side, our culture has accepted the lie that advising someone not to change their gender is immoral and unloving; this could be codified in law if Bill C-6 passes.

On the legal side, we now have judges and laws that don’t allow a father to truly help his teen in her emotionally difficult teen years. Instead, the easily-influenced and changeable wishes of an immature and inexperienced teen are taken to be better than the wisdom of his/her parent(s).

The father, who has gone to jail in BC for his actions, is mourning—less for his own fate than for that of his daughter. She might (and probably will, as others have) come to regret her decision and find out far too late what damage she, with the “help” of “doctors,” have done to her body and future.

Many, possibly most, Canadians would be horrified by the depths to which our courts and medical profession have fallen. Due to the publication ban, most Canadians will never know the details of this case. Even without any publication bans, it’s likely Canada’s mainstream news outlets would probably have just buried this story. They are, for the most part, friendly towards the anti-morality of those who are waging a war on gender and trying to “normalize” transgenderism.

Time Magazine recently featured a celebrity actress who had herself surgically altered to appear to be male. Earlier, Bruce Jenner had himself altered to appear to be female. These people are given several moments of glowing fame. But afterwards, they are left with their decision. Their war on their gender is a war on themselves, and they—and many impressionable youths—are damaged and hurt by this battle against reality.

Reality is not always easy. It is not always fair. The burdens that many have to bear are unspeakably difficult. We cannot deny that the struggles young people are facing today—especially in this age of sexual perversion—are more complex and insidious than many previous generations have faced. But that reality should drive us to care for and support them in the difficulties.

Children and teens are not helped when their delusions are accepted as reality and acted upon. Believing that you can fly by flapping your arms does not make it possible, no matter what height you jump from. “Helping” someone who thinks he/she can fly to jump from a higher height is not truly helping him/her at all. “Helping” people who think they would be happier as the opposite gender to try to change their gender is not really helping them at all. All the hormones a person may take do not change his/her DNA, and more importantly, they cannot give true satisfaction or meaning to life.

A father in BC has gone to jail because he really wants to help his daughter. The war against gender is getting more real. When will it end, and how many lives will it ruin? Even one is a tragedy. Far more will follow if people of goodwill and common-sense don’t speak up and stand for truth.

Please take a stand for God-given truth and against the war on gender by getting involved and supporting the work of CHP. Help us promote Life, Family, and Freedom.

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