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Healthcare “Heroes” or Robots?

Tue, September 21, 2021   |   Author: Peter Vogel   |   Volume 28    Issue 38 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

How would you feel if, after you responded to the call from your nation to go above and beyond your normal responsibilities at work, you faced losing your job because you had a conscientious objection to something being demanded of you by both your nation and your boss?

First, you were a hero for doing all that was asked of you and more; now you are a villain as a result of not doing what was demanded of you—because it violates your conscience or rights.

In several ways, this is now the case for many healthcare workers who believe they have a right to make personal choices in line with their personal autonomy and values.

Would you like someone who takes seriously the idea of “first, do no harm” to look after you the next time you need medical attention? Probably. Would you like that same person, with a conscience, to be discriminated against, for their ethics, in the medical field? Absolutely not!

But that is happening more and more in Canada as healthcare workers are being asked to robotically follow orders and do as they are told—without regard to their standard of morality or religion. It is getting bad enough that even the CBC has published an article that warns: “Health care is not simply whatever the state says it is. Health care is a sphere of human activity: preserving life, healing the sick and comforting the dying. Health-care workers are not robotic technicians but, as the pandemic has dramatically reminded us, human beings with a calling.” Well said!

Who is at fault for this dangerous trend? Our federal and provincial governments and our courts. Our courts struck down laws against abortion many years ago, opening up the possibility for some conscienceless healthcare workers to legally engage in the killing of pre-born children. Our governments refused to place restraints on the unrestricted practice of killing the pre-born. But, those who did not want to participate in abortions were not forced to. The legalization of assisted suicide, (conveniently known as MAID, Medial Assistance in Dying) has pushed doctors, nurses, and others to violate their own conscience and resolve to “do no harm.” The pressure to go along and do what is asked must be immense. Only the province of Manitoba currently protects the conscience rights of medical professionals.

What about those aspiring to lead our country? Trudeau obviously cannot be counted on, but what about the Conservatives under O’Toole? While some Conservative MPs are on the right side of this issue, their leader has flip-flopped and ended up on the wrong side. This is not reassuring at all.

Conscientious objectors’ right to refuse was not taken into account in the case of the Delta Hospice where their facility in B.C. was taken over by the Fraser Health Authority. Why? Because they offered hospice care without the option of MAID.

Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals are expected to work long shifts, often at a very high level of stress. Over the last 18 months, this has caused many to quit, others are on the edge of quitting; this would stress the rest of their already overextended coworkers. (They are not robots!)

Our medical professionals are being told that their service is appreciated…but, they will still be fired if they don’t get vaccinated. They must submit to a government mandated vaccine, regardless of their personal views or objections. For some, this requirement is not a major issue; they got vaccinated as soon as possible—but that does not mean that they wanted a threat hanging over their heads if they didn’t get it. Others will probably quit and walk away in disappointment from the work that they care about and trained for.

Our medical heroes have a Charter-guaranteed, God-given right to say “no.”

They must have conscience rights. The areas where personal ethics are most pressing are:

  • They should not have to participate in or give referral in relation to assisted suicide.
  • They should not have to refer a woman to a clinic or doctor that would abort her child.
  • They should not be coerced to be vaccinated on threat of losing their job.

On the last point, this does not apply exclusively to those working in the health field; no one should be coerced by the threat of losing his/her job to take a vaccination or other medical service that he/she is not comfortable with. This is an infringement on individual rights and should be contested in court. Any fair-minded court should look at the Charter and see that this is a violation of Canadian rights—but time will tell.

Short of a miracle at the end of this election campaign, we will need to continue to advocate for basic rights and freedoms in the courts of this country. Legal precedent is at stake. Our federal and provincial governments are ignoring the Charter and must be taken to task over this. Conscience rights—both for those in the health field and otherwise—must win the day if we are to restore any measure of freedom to our land.

Your support is needed. Canada needs to be reminded of the importance of biblical morality in relation to health care—and everything else! Take a stand today and stay informed by joining CHP.

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