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Is the CHP having a political impact in Canada?

Thu, July 12, 2007   |   Author: Jim Hnatiuk   |   | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Yes! I believe the CHP is having a significant impact on the political life of our nation. Otherwise, why would there be three complaints to the Canadian Human Rights Commission against us? Obviously, some who are opposed to everything we stand for must see the CHP as a threat-or they wouldn't try to silence us! If the CHP ceased to exist, would it matter to the political life of Canada? If there were no CHP, who do you think would speak up about the pressing moral issues of our day? The real question is whether morally and fiscally conservative issues still matter to Christians and other small 'c' voters!
  • Does it matter to small 'c' voters that governments-both Liberal and 'Conservative'-continue to steal from our children, and endanger Canada's economic future by bribing voters with wild spending-sprees, attempting to please everyone and placing a huge tax burden on future generations? The last 'Conservative' budget spent more lavishly than any federal budget in Canadian history!
  • Does it matter that Canada is surrendering its sovereignty to an unaccountable United Nations that is bent on intruding into every area of life and family in Canada-without democratic debate in our own Parliament?
  • Does it matter that 110,000 children are slaughtered every year in their mothers' wombs? Not to our 'Conservative' Prime Minister, who has promised to prevent any legislation on abortion from coming into Parliament!
  • Does it matter that same-sex relationships have been granted the same legal status as traditional marriage, and that our children are being taught that such dangerous, unhealthy behaviour is 'normal', 'acceptable'-and is even to be celebrated?
What other federal party takes a pro-moral stand on these critical issues? Maybe I should rephrase that, and ask, "Which, of the 15 registered political parties, ever speaks out on these important issues?" The answer is clear. None of the others. Only the CHP. Those who think the so-called 'Conservative Party' might-perhaps-one day tackle these issues-if they win a majority-are going to be sadly disappointed: Former Canadian Alliance MP Larry Spencer has wisely written: "What a party will give up in its quest for power is only overshadowed by what it will later give up to remain in powerââ'¬Ã'¦" and thus any real hope for moral leadership from that Party vanishes. It's far, far better to work with a political party that knows what it believes in, and isn't ashamed to say that moral issues must be addressed along with the fiscal issues-or we won't have a nation worth living in! Does Canada need the CHP? Yes! Our children need the CHP, because no other political party will speak up for their future in a way that addresses the real and pressing needs of our day. However, the CHP must grow if we hope to have the impact we strive for-to see righteous men and women seated as lawmakers in the House of Commons. We need momentum and traction at the grassroots level. And that is where all CHP members come in: this party belongs to each and every one of us. We must spread the word about the CHP.
  • Tell people about the CHP website, and invite them to check it out.
  • Tell your voting age children about the CHP; ask them to join and support the party.
  • Hand out our short 13-minute DVD (available through the National Office at 1-888-VOTE CHP [888-868-3247]) to introduce people to our Leader and our policies.
  • Donate on-line, safely and securely; or phone the National Office at 1-888-VOTE CHP [1-888-868-3247].
Please join the Dollar-a-day supporters, with a monthly donation of $30. These loyal donors provide a stable income that helps the Party to plan activities on an ongoing basis. We have important work to do, and "many hands make light work." Please join the team, and together we can all make a difference for Canada's future. We-all of us-have an important role to play in the political life of this nation. The CHP has a message that must get out-and that takes money. There's no other way to say it. If you want your neighbours to know about the CHP, it will take money to get the message to them. We must all pitch in and support this vital party and its vital message. Sincerely, Leslie Bartley National Vice President & Director of Development, Christian Heritage Party of Canada P.S. $30 a month is only $360 a year; and because of the refundable income tax credit for political donations, anyone who files a tax return-whether they actually pay taxes or not-gets $270 back; so the real cost is only $90-less than $1.75 a week! If each and every CHP member signed up for this "Dollar-a-Day" program, we'd have $1.8 million a year-the kind of funds that would enable us to finance expansion of the Party into new electoral districts, buy media advertising, and pay the costs of a truly effective election campaign! Isn't it worth $1.75 a week to protect our children's future? Please pray about what you can do — and then make the most generous contribution you can afford. Thank you.

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