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We would like to thank all who voted for
a Christian Heritage Party candidate on
October 19th and our candidates.

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Provincial Sex-Ed Curricula
and the Connection to the
Federal Government

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Recent News/Commentary

War Measures

Canadians want to live in peace…at least, most of us do. We’ve just gone through a bloodless civil war in Canada (we politely called it an “election”) and most of us want to move on, to get back to the work we were doing when the writ was dropped. Unfortunately, we don’t always get to write the script for our lives.

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Terrorism, Trust, and Timelines

Our prayers go up for the people of France, who, on Friday, were attacked by Islamic terrorists. Our sympathies go out to the families who have lost loved ones in this brutal and senseless slaughter.

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Remembering the Sacrifices Made for our Freedoms

This week, we will pause to reflect on the courage, heroism and selfless sacrifices of our men and women in uniform who gave “the last full measure of devotion” for our country and for our freedom.

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Crime & Punishment

For years, the Christian Heritage Party has promoted restorative justice. If you had the pleasure of hearing one of our candidates respond to questions about justice on the campaign trail, you will have heard them talk about our two pillars of justice: public safety and restitution for victims of property crimes.

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Provincial Sex-Ed Curricula and the Connection to the Federal Government

The Christian Heritage Party today calls on the federal government to revoke or to review and fundamentally revise its guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of Gender Identity Disorder in schools.

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Plan To Expedite Syrian Refugees Compromises National Security, Canadian Values

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander’s recent announcement that Canada will accept 10,000 Syrians as “prima facie” refugees without UN documentation undermines Canada’s national security and ignores the plight of Christian refugees in the Middle East.

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Jesse Rau is a CHP candidate for Calgary-Signal Hill

The Christian Heritage Party today announced that Jesse Rau has been confirmed as a CHP candidate in Calgary-Signal Hill.

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CHP Launches Election Campaign for 2015

Media Release: The Christian Heritage Party today announced the launch of its 2015 federal election campaign with its first wave of nominated candidates.

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Leadership for the Future.

Canada's cultural and legal heritage are rooted in the Christian worldview which has provided freedom of speech and religion for all people. Increasingly, our governments have violated the 'separation of church and state', infringing on these guaranteed Charter rights. The Christian Heritage Party of Canada will protect Canadians' Charter rights and properly respect the separation of church and state.

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Defending Life

The CHP has policies to defend innocent human life from conception until natural death. We strongly oppose abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide under any circumstances. Discover CHP’s Better Solutions for defending life.

Defending and Strengthening Families

The CHP has policies to defend the natural two-parent family resulting from the marriage of one man and one woman. Discover CHP’s Better Solutions for defending and strengthening families.

Protecting Children and Youth

From pre-school to puberty and through the college years, today’s young Canadians are under assault like never before. Pornography, secular humanism, peer pressure and social values imposed by the education establishment have pushed many young people into premature sexual relationships, drug dependency and suicides. Discover CHP’s Better Solutions for protecting children and youth.