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Canada’s cultural and legal heritage are rooted in the Christian worldview which has provided freedom of speech and religion for all people. Increasingly, our governments have violated the ‘separation of church and state’, infringing on these guaranteed Charter rights.

The Christian Heritage Party of Canada will protect Canadians’ Charter rights and properly respect the separation of church and state.


  • Can We Do It? – Yes We Can!

    Sep 03 2014

    David Reimer

    Believe it or not, summer vacations are over. September is officially here and fall is in the air. Labour Day weekend has come and gone and it’s time for many of us to get back to work.

  • Justin Trudeau’s principled stand…

    Aug 27 2014


    On June 14, 2014, Justin Trudeau did the Christian Heritage Party a big favour. At the same time, he did Canada’s future a great disservice.

  • Come to the Front

    Aug 19 2014

    Rod Taylor

    When I was growing up in school, from time to time, the teacher would pick out one or more students and say, “Come to the front”. Sometimes this was to answer a question.

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