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CHP Leader urges all members
to call their MPs;

Defend Human Life With
New Law

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Provincial Sex-Ed Curricula
and the Connection to the
Federal Government

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Assisted Suicide

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Human Life Has Value

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Recent News/Commentary

Calling Evil Good and Good Evil

​Shakespeare’s famous line, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” may be true as regards the perception of our physical world by our senses but the descriptive terms used to categorize human behaviours certainly affect our attitudes towards those being described.

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Is Truth “Non-negligible”?

It’s a non-negligible amount of work to read the news sometimes. There’s not only watching for media bias and looking for “the spin,” there’s also watching for misleading words that misdirect us as to various mis-implications in the article.

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Alberta Education Ministry Bullies Families

Alberta has recently released its new mandatory guidelines on sexual diversity in schools. NDP Education Minister David Eggen said the new guidelines ensure the “safety” of transgendered students.

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The PM’s Undoing

In any great endeavour—such as running a country—people want to know how much is being accomplished. In Canada today, it behoves us to also find out how much is being “un-accomplished.”

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CHP Leader urges all members to call their MPs; defend human life with new law

On Thursday, National CHP Leader, Rod Taylor, asked all CHP members and other concerned citizens to get behind ARPA’s (Association for Reformed Political Action) initiative to rewrite Canada’s law against assisted suicide.

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Provincial Sex-Ed Curricula and the Connection to the Federal Government

The Christian Heritage Party today calls on the federal government to revoke or to review and fundamentally revise its guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of Gender Identity Disorder in schools.

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Plan To Expedite Syrian Refugees Compromises National Security, Canadian Values

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander’s recent announcement that Canada will accept 10,000 Syrians as “prima facie” refugees without UN documentation undermines Canada’s national security and ignores the plight of Christian refugees in the Middle East.

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Jesse Rau is a CHP candidate for Calgary-Signal Hill

The Christian Heritage Party today announced that Jesse Rau has been confirmed as a CHP candidate in Calgary-Signal Hill.

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Leadership for the Future.

Canada's cultural and legal heritage are rooted in the Christian worldview which has provided freedom of speech and religion for all people. Increasingly, our governments have violated the 'separation of church and state', infringing on these guaranteed Charter rights. The Christian Heritage Party of Canada will protect Canadians' Charter rights and properly respect the separation of church and state.

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Debt, Deficit and Stimulus

Deficit spending is theft — successive Liberal and Conservatives governments have been stealing money from our children and grandchildren to buy votes. It’s time to take responsibility for our national finances, eliminate our deficit, repay our debt and give future generations the same economic opportunities that we have enjoyed.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

Canada’s CPP is broke and broken! CHP Canada would overhaul the Canada Pension Plan with a new Personal Income Security Account (PISA) A Personal Income Security Account would provide a portable investment portfolio, vested in the name of each worker, to cover lapses in health or employment and to create an adequate retirement income.


Jobs stimulate the economy. The CHP would put Canada back to work with a nationwide infrastructure stimulus package that would improve our cities, our highways and our transportation and services infrastructure. Discover CHP Canada’s Better Solutions for building infrastructure without increasing our national debt.