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CHP Elects New Leader Rod Taylor

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Better Solutions for Families

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Recent News/Commentary

The Collapse of Reason and Conscience in the Trinity Law School Dispute

There are so many things wrong in the unfolding saga of the efforts to crush the Trinity Law School; it’s hard to know where to begin.

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Calling Another Generation To Sacrifice

Last week, I had the incredible honour of being entrusted with the leadership of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada.

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Following Our New Leader

From Rod’s first Deputy Leader’s Tour in 2010 to his last tour as Development Director with Past Leader David Reimer, Rod has been a valuable team player. His focus has always been for the growth and benefit of CHP Canada.

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It’s Time To Recognize That Canada’s Political “Ugly Duckling” Has Now Matured Into A Swan

As I travel (far less than I had to do when I was Leader of the CHP; yet I still meet and talk with many people who are truly interested in Canada’s public affairs), those who know of my concern for Israel—the only democratic state in the Middle East—often comment: “Well, you have to admire Stephen Harper’s stand on Israel, as compared with Barack Obama’s overt hostility.”

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CHP Elects New Leader

Rod Taylor, of Telkwa, B.C., was acclaimed as Party Leader at the Christian Heritage Party of Canada’s triennial convention in Hamilton, Ontario today, November 6th, 2014.

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CHP Surrey North EDA Attends Pro-Life Conference

Discover how the CHP Surrey North EDA represented the party in October.

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Canada: Know Your Limits…Spend Within It” Billboard Campaign

Niagara West Glanbrook EDA is starting a new billboard campaign.

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Canada's cultural and legal heritage are rooted in the Christian worldview which has provided freedom of speech and religion for all people. Increasingly, our governments have violated the 'separation of church and state', infringing on these guaranteed Charter rights. The Christian Heritage Party of Canada will protect Canadians' Charter rights and properly respect the separation of church and state.

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When a woman is faced with an unanticipated pregnancy, we should surround her with care, comfort, counsel and the information she needs to make a decision she will not regret later.

Protect Unborn Victims of Crime

One of the Harper government's most cynical offenses against morality was the introduction of a government bill to crush Conservative MP Ken Epp's Bill C-484, the Unborn Victims of Crime Act.

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