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Generation Xi

Tue, March 13, 2018   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 25    Issue 11   

On Sunday, March 11, delegates to the National People’s Congress approved a constitutional amendment effectively allowing China’s President Xi Jinping to rule for life. It removed the two-term limit for the office of President, which has been in place since the end of Mao Zedong’s brutal reign of terror. It is understood to mean that Xi will rule China for a very long time. Already, he has gathered to himself significant power and control, untrammelled by even the theoretical checks and balances of democratic decision-making.

Since first becoming party leader in 2012, Xi has appointed himself as the head of bodies that oversee national security, finance, economic reform, and other major initiatives. Recent reports from China indicate a return of systematic persecution against Christians. According to Asia Harvest, (PDF) “hundreds of house church pastors have vanished over the past few years. Many are assumed to have been killed. Others may be held in ‘black jails’ — secret facilities where they are tortured mercilessly. When someone enters a black jail they are usually never heard from again. Their families have no idea of their whereabouts, and all communication ceases...”

Many fear a return now to the extreme brutality of the Cultural Revolution which occurred during the reign of Mao Zedong, who ruled Communist China until his death in 1976. The numbers of Chinese reported killed by the Red Guards and the People’s Liberation Army during his 10-year Cultural Revolution are hard to confirm, ranging from 500,000 to millions. Many more millions died of starvation in the wake of the failure of communism to provide even basic food for its people.

Adding to concerns about the centralization of power is the development and implementation of a mind-numbing system of electronic surveillance. Tens of millions of cameras employing facial recognition technology and an unbelievably complex database track the movements of ordinary Chinese people and are being used to identify and restrict Christian gatherings as well as criminal and terrorist activity. To really grasp this, have a look at this 5-minute BBC clip explaining the capabilities of this system. The prying into private lives and the censorship of unauthorized opinion seems to stretch beyond that envisioned in Orwell’s 1984.

So what does all this have to do with Canada?

Our Prime Minister, Mr. Justin Trudeau, in 2013, expressed his admiration for China’s dictatorship, since he saw that it allowed the ruler to make instant decisions without the time-consuming process of consultation and debate. He seems to really like the top-down style of dictating what citizens can do and even what they can say or think.

Although Mr. Trudeau has not yet sought a constitutional amendment eliminating the need to have his mandate extended without elections, he has already begun acting like a lifetime ruler, imposing his views on Canadians through Bill C-16 which gives special protection from criticism to various minority groups such as homosexuals and self-identified “trans” people.

With the passage of M-103, Mr. Trudeau and his Liberal majority signalled their eagerness to show favouritism to Islam in Canada at the expense of free speech.

Mr. Trudeau’s Summer Jobs Program edict gave a very clear picture of the kind of groupthink he hopes to dictate and the loyalty to his narrow views which he apparently feels entitled to demand.

The PM’s so-called budget was a morass of politically-correct phrases with a generous sprinkling of deficit-producing expenditures.

In all these things, the Liberal caucus seems to be giving their party leader their full-throated support. Both Mr. Trudeau and Finance Minister Morneau received standing ovations as they presented their budget. It reminds me of dictatorial regimes like China and North Korea where one does not dare to be the first one to stop clapping lest one be hauled off and executed for disloyalty.

Canada must guard against a hegemony of power. Our strength lies in our ability to share power and responsibility and to include grass-roots input in decision-making. We benefit from “a multitude of counsellors,” not from one authoritarian figure demanding obeisance for his every whim. We call on all Canadians, especially Liberal MPs, to take responsibility for their voice and their vote on important matters that affect all Canadians. We must not allow party loyalty or party discipline to blind us to a leader’s faults. And we must not allow Canada to become a place where only the opinions of the Prime Minister and his appointed entourage are allowed expression.

The CHP supports the concept of free votes in the House. An MP’s loyalty should be to his or her constituents and conscience. If we allow the further entrenching and consolidation of power in the hands of the few, we will have chains on the hands of the many. We can be grateful that our current PM does not have a life-time appointment.

For a government that will oppose totalitarianism, join CHP today and preserve our freedoms for the next generation.

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