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All Things Being Equal . . . They’re Not

Thu, March 01, 2018   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

One might have guessed that the latest Trudeau/Morneau “budget” (PDF) would have had another object besides trying to rein in spending or increasing real economic growth. Sure enough, solving the inequities of the workplace is the stated goal, with “gender” being mentioned 358 times in the budget document.

“Equal pay for work of equal value” has a nice ring to it. We absolutely agree that people performing the same job with the same qualifications and the same experience and working for the same employer should receive equal pay, regardless of race, gender, etc. But that’s not what Liberal social engineers have in mind. They want equal outcomes, not equal opportunity.

Of course, women working as welders, blasters and truck drivers should receive exactly the same pay as men having the same skills and taking the same risks. Likewise, men working as receptionists, checkout clerks or fast food employees should get the same pay and benefits as their female counterparts if they can keep up with the demands of the job.

That doesn’t mean that all work is of equal value or deserves equal pay. The hours, working conditions, skills training, risks and the demand for the service create a real value in the real world. That cannot be mandated by the government.

In this budget, the government’s focus seems to be to attract more women out of the home and into the workplace, presuming that this will add to Canada’s GDP. This in itself is a misguided approach to “women’s issues”. Basically, the government is saying that the important work women do raising their children is less valuable than cranking out widgets or running a board meeting. No job is more important than nurturing the next generation and women are uniquely gifted in this regard. Society benefits—even economically—from having well-adjusted children who are secure in their family’s love, encouraged in their schoolwork, nourished by home-cooked meals and protected from harm in their formative years. Such children, raised in a loving two-parent home are far more likely to succeed in university, in their careers and in their own marriages.

The government’s efforts to get both parents working outside the home are short-sighted and costly. If they want more workers available to start companies and run the factories, they should stop killing 100,000 little people every year. Without 40 years of abortion, Canada’s GDP would have benefited from 3,500,000 more young people in our schools and workplaces.

Over the next 5 years, the government plans to give $100 million up front to Status of Women with additional millions thrown in for special projects. Taxpayers will be paying for even more feminist rhetoric and more “gender studies”. None of this will make life better for women, visible minorities or children.

The budget also reveals a curious inconsistency in the secular mindset. With all the focus on “women” (a voting subset Mr. Trudeau is trying to woo), it raises the question: why have the Trudeau Liberals been trying so hard to eliminate the words “men and women” and “mothers and fathers” from the Canadian vocabulary? They want society to throw out biological realities and create dozens of new “genders”, yet when they want women to vote for them, they fall all over themselves trying to make women feel special. What a disconnect between reality and Mr. Trudeau’s self-absorbed fantasies!

If the government really wanted to help the middle class (as they say they do), women (as they say they do) and children (etc.), the best thing they could do would be to cut wasteful spending, eliminate the deficit and pay down the debt. Of course, that doesn’t sound as generous as providing loans for female entrepreneurs, creating jobs in new government “feel-good” programs and building infrastructure across the seas.

In this budget, the government adds another $448.5 million to their Youth Employment Strategy and doubles the number of job placements available under the Canada Summer Jobs program. Yes, that’s the same program in which Messrs. Trudeau and Morneau are denying funding to organizations that cannot support the government’s abortion and gender policies. So they’re not only doubling the expenditure but doubling down on their anti-democratic attack on Christian morality and family values.

The rest of the “budget” (all 369 pages of it) lays out the government’s plans to run an $18.1 billion deficit this year with no clear pathway to getting out of the debt-and-deficit spiral. There are a few positive spending proposals having to do with technology and science and at least an attempt to address some of the concerns of veterans, although without any commitment to strengthen Canada’s military.

If the Liberals live by the projections in their own budget (something highly speculative given their record), they will be adding $80 billion to Canada’s national debt by 2022. That means borrowing about $55 million every single day for the next four years! At today’s low interest rate, we are already paying about $71 million in interest alone (!) every single day! When rates go up…

Don’t be fooled by the Liberals’ pompous pandering to their favoured demographic groups. This budget will be bad for women and children, bad for business, bad for the middle class, bad for democracy and bad for Canada’s future.

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