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Dragging Children Into Sexuality

Tue, July 05, 2022   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 29    Issue 27 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

How many times over the past few years have we heard of ‘drag queens’ being invited into public libraries (publicly-funded) and other spots where they can meet and indoctrinate our children?

Did you dare exercise your right to free speech and say that this is not an acceptable way for any level of government to spend your tax dollars, or did you just stay away? Did you dare say that this was an immoral activity that invites children into an addictive and sinful lifestyle, or did you just keep your mouth shut? Not many of us speak up or act because we don’t know how to combat the indoctrination of our children by the ‘woke folk’ who have taken over too many of the institutions of our country. We live in fear of what will happen to our families if we speak or act, lest the ‘woke folk’ call us bigots or seek governmental help to silence us.

For those of us who hold traditional viewpoints, whether Jewish, Muslim, Christian, or Secularist, having our children exposed to sexually-open lifestyles is wrong. As parents, we are called to protect our children; but from our public schools to our public libraries, our children are targeted for indoctrination into ‘woke ideology.’

Even though—as most Canadians believe—the moral teaching of our children is primarily the responsibility of parents, we find ourselves in an era when the parental role of guiding their children is often disrespected.

On June 22, in a public school, in Durham, ON, Kindergarten to Grade 3 students welcomed a drag queen for a virtual event with an ‘inclusivity theme.’

According to Coronation P.S. principal Barry Bedford, “Everyone needs to feel safe, welcomed and accepted in their school. And I think that’s the messaging behind drag queens. To be yourself.”

How do we respond to this exalted view of this rogue principal? He thinks that ‘being yourself’ is the message behind the ‘drag queens.’ Did he ask the parents of the Kindergarten to Grade 3 students what they thought? Did he ask the taxpayers of Durham whether they thought that having a ‘drag queen’ indoctrinate the children, at taxpayer expense, was acceptable?

I haven’t seen any reports answering those questions. But I can assume that at least one parent—and probably a lot more—has a problem with the school usurping the moral development of their child. The legal responsibility for a child lies with the parent. Mr. Bedford has a role to play in educating children, but the idea that he should control the moral development of other people’s children is absolutely unacceptable.

Thanks to past Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, raising the age of consent, Canada’s position as “a destination for child sex tourism” has been stifled, but that has not stopped the sexualization of our children. ‘Progressives,’ such as this public school principal, feel quite free to begin sexualizing our children in Kindergarten. When was the last time Mr. Bedford brought a mathematician in to show kids the excitement of understanding the basic logic of math? When did he bring in a grammatical genius to help children understand the importance of clearly and correctly punctuating their writing?

The job of our publicly funded educators is to teach our children academics. The job of parents is to teach their children morality and spirituality.

We have talked this year, through our Communiqués, of our Prime Minister vilifying those of us who hold “unacceptable views” on vaccination. We have talked of freedom of speech and belief. We have talked of many of the issues that face a free society.

But Canada has moved away from our cherished freedoms to the dogma that the state must correct our thinking. We have moved from freedoms of speech, thought, religion, and the press, through to compelled speech (such as was recently imposed on Pastor Artur Pawlowski); compelled thought (such as mandated promotion of the homosexual lifestyle); through media freedom to some media being banned from reporting (such as Rebel News and True North News); compelled religion (such as government enforced Secularism).

How do we get back to our proud heritage that was undergirded by a common set of laws set by the One who knows best—our Creator?

It has been a slow and painful journey to where we are, and there are no fast solutions. However, it is a journey that we must undertake if we wish to maintain a free and equal society.

Canadians, who wish to restore freedom, equality and morality back into our country must dig in and say “no” to further erosion of our rights and freedoms. We saw the beginning of a movement in January that was attacked and vilified by our government, but we cannot allow it to end there.

We see individuals, such as Veteran James Topp, walking from Vancouver to Ottawa and asking for a meeting with legislators regarding the loss of freedom in our country.

We see just over 10% of Canadians still refusing to bow to inoculation mandates.

We see pastors like Artur Pawlowski, Tim Stephens, James Coates, and Philip James Hutchings who were willing to go to jail to protect their rights, as pastors, to preach to their flock and to set standards for worship and assembly within their churches.

But it can’t end there or there or there.

What are we all willing to do to first stem the momentum of these tyrannical trends and to begin a concerted effort to reclaim our rights and our responsibilities? How will we reclaim our rights as parents, free citizens and individuals to choose the beliefs and morals we wish to impart to our children? What steps will we take to re-establish a morally accountable government that neither divides nor denigrates our beliefs and a society in which we can speak and believe freely?

There is only one political party that will consistently advocate for and defend all of these rights and freedoms . . . the Christian Heritage Party of Canada.

Let’s join together, work together, and rebuild together toward a better Canada. Join today.

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