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Canadian Government Inequities Continue

Tue, August 30, 2022   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 29    Issue 35 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

With the COVID ‘crisis’ seen by many of us through the rearview mirror, I thought the coercion to submit to vaccines was over . . . until I discovered that it wasn’t.

With the resurgence of news items on some colleges and universities mandating COVID needles, I realized that there were still COVID mandates being forced on Canadians. What happened to those Canadians fired for their refusal to submit to a COVID needle? That’s a personal choice we have a right to make, according to Section 7 of our Constitution: “The right encompasses freedom from the threat of physical punishment or suffering….”

There are few who would not consider it a form of “suffering” to be unable to support oneself or one’s family, so why are Canadians still facing government sanctions, such as the discriminatory exclusion from Employment Insurance benefits available to the vaccinated. Every employee in Canada is required to contribute to the Employment Insurance fund and would normally be eligible to receive benefits for loss of employment. Since the government imposed vaccination requirements on its employees and terminated those employees who refused the experimental injections, the same government has arbitrarily ruled that employees terminated for exercising their right to bodily autonomy are ineligible for benefits. The government has effectively created two classes of citizens in Canada: those who are able to access E.I. benefits when unemployed and those who are not.

It’s unbelievable!

As far as I understand, we are entitled to Charter rights, no matter what. They are not contingent on our being obedient to government mandates. They are not privileges granted by government; they are human rights, given by God and recognized by government!

Thankfully, there is still the opportunity to fight such illegal coercion by our government. The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has not left the arena. They continue to fight for the protection of our Rights and Freedoms.

According to Cynthia Murphy, lawyer at JCCF, “In a free country, citizens get to decide which medical treatment they receive. There is no legitimate excuse for Canadians to be labelled as engaging in “misconduct” for refusing the Covid vaccine and to be denied employment insurance in order to fulfill a political purpose that is in direct violation with the law.”

But you are also needed in this battle. Where there is no public will to resolve inequities, the inequities will increase in number and severity. A prime example of ‘one step further’ is Toronto’s University Health Network, making COVID vaccination a requirement of those receiving an organ transplant. Two levels of people—those who can receive organs and those who cannot.

Canadians have the option to present their case on election day, which sadly, in 2021, did not bring down a government so callously indifferent to our rights. But, there is an additional avenue for putting pressure on government—through a Parliamentary Petition. To use this process, an MP must be found who is willing to submit a properly-prepared petition before Parliament. That MP may or may not support the cause but agrees to read the petition in Parliament.

MP John Brassard, (Barrie-Innisfil), has sponsored a petition objecting to the denial of Employment Insurance to Canadians who refuse to receive the COVID needle. The wording of the petition is below and a link to the petition is provided.

Please stand against the inequity that has been perpetrated against Canadians by our own government. Take action and sign this petition today.

Petition to the Government of Canada


    • The government negatively impacted workers by restricting access to Employment Insurance (EI) when vaccination mandates were implemented in the federal public sector and in federally regulated sectors in October of 2021;
    • Affected workers were forced on unpaid leave, terminated or dismissed due to their personal decision to not get vaccinated;
    • Employers were tasked with interpreting the government’s guidance, becoming the sole decision makers of whether vaccination exemptions for individual workers would be granted;
    • The government announced that workers failing to become vaccinated without an exemption would not be eligible for EI;
    • Employers were advised to report suspended, terminated or dismissed workers for refusing to comply with a vaccine mandate, by coding ROEs with new codes designed to inform Service Canada of non-compliant workers (E for quit, N for LOA and M for dismissed);
    • Workers are obligated to pay into the EI program and were unjustly denied access when most needed; and
    • The government’s actions were meant to be coercive by imposing financial hardship as consequences of remaining unvaccinated.

We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to:

    1. Remove new ROE codes that identify unvaccinated workers without an approved exemption;
    2. Release data using the new ROE codes showing the number of workers negatively affected by the decision to restrict access to EI; and
    3. Allow for retroactive eligibility for EI benefits to all workers that were unjustly denied access, and provide full access to benefit payments for periods of unemployment.

Only when Canadians stand together to defend our rights and freedoms will we return to the strong democracy that is our heritage.

CHP Canada is taking that stand. Future generations depend on us to protect the freedoms that we inherited. Join today!

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