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Ban Abuse. Not Therapy.

Wed, April 29, 2020   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Across Canada, politicians are debating legislation which they call “Banning Conversion Therapy”. What they are really talking about is banning any kind of therapy or counselling that might help a person wanting to return to a gender identity that matches his or her physical sex at birth. The proposed laws and bylaws would also criminalize parents seeking to protect their minor children from the damaging effects of puberty-blockers and irreversible surgery.

Social engineers and special-interest lobbyists have persuaded many politicians at federal, provincial and municipal levels that it is wrong to assist people seeking to “detransition” from a chosen “gender identity” and lifestyle back to the biological gender consistent with their DNA and the genitalia they were born with. Proposed legislation would make criminals of doctors, pastors and counsellors simply for offering affirmative counselling and prayer.

In any other category of human behaviour, placing such restrictions on the freedom of speech and conscience of doctors and counsellors would be considered unconstitutional. After all, the doctor or counsellor is trying to help. The person being counselled or treated is asking for help. And the goal of the therapy is to restore clients to a sense of well-being and contentment with the reality of their biological characteristics. What could be wrong with that?

When it comes to gender identity and sexual orientation, too many politicians have accepted the politically-correct notion that “gender re-assignment”, whether by hormone treatment or surgery or both, must never be questioned. Every tool, sociological and medical, must be employed in ensuring that young people who question their birth gender are encouraged to transition to another “gender” they think will make them happier. The fact that gender-transitioned people commit suicide at 19 times the rate of the general public does not seem to deter the gender busybodies who want to make it illegal to help discontented “transitioned” people who want out of their adopted gender identity.

The lobbyists who have been so successful in convincing municipal councillors that “conversion therapy” should be banned have, of course, created a false narrative that equates the goal of de-transitioning or “conversion” with some abusive treatments long ago discredited by the medical profession. These would include electroshock “aversion therapy”, shaming and other methods of inducing pain, either physical or emotional—practices long ago abandoned by qualified practitioners. Those methods are easily recognized as abusive and we agree with their being banned—not only for gender dysphoria but for any condition. That’s not what we’re talking about here.

The “conversion therapy bans” being passed by a number of municipalities are not so much concerned with techniques as with outcomes. Under draconian bylaws passed in Edmonton and Fort McMurray (among other cities), a pastor or a priest could be fined up to $10,000 for merely counselling a transitioned person who asks for help in getting out of the lifestyle. This is not freedom—not for the pastor and certainly not for the person seeking help. This is nothing but a blunt instrument designed to keep people from leaving a lifestyle based on gender confusion.

While the conversion bans have so far have only been passed by municipal councils, the federal government is working on Bill C-8, a bill that would make it illegal anywhere in Canada to counsel or pray with those who want to escape a lifestyle they no longer enjoy or to prevent those seeking guidance on gender identity confusion from obtaining the help they need and want.

Notice that the proposed laws work in only one direction. Bill C-8 specifically would not apply to any activities undertaken that would entice, pressure or persuade a young person to consider “transitioning”—by the use of hormone treatments or surgery—to a gender identity different than his or her birth gender. In other words, the type of counselling and manipulation that happens every day in Canadian public schools. Those who encourage the use of puberty-blockers or “gender-reassignment” surgery would continue to ruin childrens’ lives with the full approval of the government.

Let’s face it. Young people who embark on a sex-change program that will leave them sterile for life and at increased risk of suicide and depression are the victims of a cruel hoax. Under a “conversion therapy ban”, the only parties subject to fines and punishment are the doctors and counsellors trying to help wounded people put their lives back together again . . . and parents trying to protect their minor children from sterility-causing puberty-blockers and irreversible surgeries that they are likely to regret.

CHP Canada would protect the rights of people seeking to leave a lifestyle they no longer wish to be part of and to seek help in doing so. CHP Canada would protect the rights of doctors, counsellors and pastors to provide such assistance. CHP Canada would absolutely protect the rights of parents to counsel and guide their own minor children and to protect them from invasive and damaging procedures and lifestyles. These rights are part of our heritage. Stand with those who wish to have their rights protected. Join CHP Canada today.

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