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Banning Conversion: Why the Push to Keep People from Getting Used to Themselves?

Tue, December 10, 2019   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 26    Issue 49 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

In a quick Google search of “conversion therapy”, the first 9 links are to articles either opposed or hysterically opposed to the concept of providing assistance to people seeking to leave a homosexual or transgender lifestyle.

Like many other issues related to sexuality and world view, socio-political leftists have embraced a narrow view restricting the right of any person seeking deliverance from unwanted same-sex attraction and behaviour to engage competent, professional help. Citing some misguided practices once employed by psychiatrists and psychologists in the past, such as electroshock therapy, mind-altering medications, and other invasive and unproductive experimental treatments, those seeking to ban all forms of conversion therapy, including counselling, simply want to make it impossible or unlikely that any homosexual or transgender person will abandon his or her lifestyle to return to behaviours and habits usually associated with his or her biological sex. ARPA has a great resource on this topic.

The urgency and the clamour against the idea of conversion (or more properly “re-conversion”) is easily understood when one examines the battle for the culture that is being waged in every school, in many churches, city councils, legislatures, and in Parliament itself—not to mention the courts, the media, and the entertainment industry.

The reality is that the sex-obsessed left has infiltrated and now dominates the leadership teams of the above-mentioned centres of power. Those who have so quickly and completely captured the minds of the most influential power-brokers in our society now rely on brute force, intimidation and legal leverage to compel the last pockets of resistance to surrender to their demands. They are not fond of negotiated settlements or compromise when they see the opportunity to crush dissent.

Because many of their causes are not defensible on grounds of logic, science or justice, the ardent proponents of an atheistic, leftist world view often become angry when others disagree with their points of view. Rather than proposing common sense solutions to complex conflicts, they tend to resort to character attacks on those who hold biblical or traditional views and to repeat their assertions more loudly, attempting to overcome resistance by bullying rather than by reasoned argument. The author of one article stated his opinion this way: “Homosexuality is not a mental disease, choice, or addiction”. I disagree and so do many others like me. But his statement was not a call for discussion; it was meant to end discussion.

Homosexual behaviour, like all sexual behaviour, involves choices. Every human being is responsible for his or her choices. Same-sex attraction has a number of possible root causes, but simply saying “born that way” does not help individuals—especially those who are not comfortable with their own homosexual behaviour—to come to terms with the circumstances or relationships that have shaped their desires and self-images. And there certainly is such a thing as addictive sexual behaviour. Pedophiles—for whatever reason—have a sexual attraction to children that cannot be righteously satisfied. In fact, it cannot be satisfied at all, either by resisting or by yielding to the impulse because addictions always demand more. For our society to be a safe place for children, immoral impulses MUST be resisted and those who have given themselves to immoral, addictive behaviour MUST be allowed—at the very least—to seek help in their efforts to free themselves from sexual addictions.

Two more points I wish to make. While seeking to eliminate any alternative opinions re. sexual health and responsible personal choices, the anti-conversion people think nothing of imposing their own sick views on little children in library story-times and of allowing minors to be “converted” to a sexual persona inconsistent with their birth gender, even to be subjected to destructive hormonal treatments and irreversible, life-altering surgeries. But the same unhappy victims of this manipulation are not allowed to seek help in converting back, at least in appearance and lifestyle, when physical restoration is impossible. Perhaps that’s one reason why the suicide rate among surgery-altered transgenders is so high. A Swedish study showed it 19 times that of the rest of society. Yet the leftist ideologues claim to be the compassionate ones. That’s a lie.

My last point is that the very word “conversion” points to the determination of hard-core LGBTQ radicals to fight not only the re-conversion of homosexuals and transgenders to a sexually consistent lifestyle but also the conversion of non-believing Canadians to Christianity. We can see the beginning of these struggles as well. We are beginning to hear of street preachers being arrested for telling others the good news of the gospel . . . the good news that Jesus Christ died on the cross so that every human being who chooses to trust Him can be saved from the sins and entanglements of the past.

God believes in conversion and His true disciples will continue to offer it to all who are seeking. The Bible says, “Repent therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out”. Acts 3:19 “. . . unless you are converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven”. Matthew 18:3

Those who seek to prevent others from coming to the light are in double danger. They themselves need conversion but they can’t stand to see others walking in the light that they have rejected, so they resist the efforts of those in bondage who are seeking freedom. As we approach the Christmas season, let us not forget to offer hope and healing to those who are struggling. If they ask for our help in starting a new life, let’s be ready to engage in wholesome conversion therapy.

True freedom and lifestyle choice is at the heart of the policies of CHP Canada, the only political party that supports our right to choose freedom rather than submit to the narrow opinions of state bureaucrats. Join CHP Canada today, protect for future generations the rights and freedoms promised in our Charter.

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