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Standing on Guard — for Globalism?

Tue, November 05, 2019   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 26    Issue 44 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

Last year, our Prime Minister signed us up for the Global Compact for Migration. This will basically open our borders to whomever feels they want to live in Canada. There is no need for a compatible world view. Who cares what your past is… Thief? Rapist? Terrorist? It doesn’t matter, just dust off your feet on the welcome mat as you walk in.

Just in case we missed the world view of open borders represented in this, our Ambassador to China, Dominic Barton, who, along with his cohorts on the Century Initiative, believes that we need to increase our population to 100,000,000 by the end of this century. The purpose is to ensure that Canadians in the future are “richer and more influential on the world stage.”

On the other hand, from the same article, we read, “The Centre for the Study of Living Standards, an influential economic policy think tank, has shown how improved productivity can boost economic growth. In projections for the 2017-2038 period, its researchers found that rather than the 0.97 per cent average annual growth rate in productivity it assumed in its forecast, if productivity growth was raised to an annual average of 1.5 per cent, the economy would be 11 per cent bigger in 2038 than in its base case.”

That’s a big “if”. It reminds me of a ‘budget game’ that some organizations play. This is what we want to spend next year; this is how much we can realistically expect to earn but it’s way too low to cover our expenditures; oh dear… well… we’ll just increase the amount of income we expect and that’ll cover the projected deficit.

Come to think of it, our Prime Minister does that kind of budgeting except he doesn’t bother to attempt to cover the deficit. He just keeps adding on. Maybe someday the ‘Good Fairy’ will dump a load of cash into our national coffers to cover our accumulated debt. Canada has huge economic concerns but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. By playing with numbers, we can pretend that we’re looking out for future generations, but the illusion is not the reality. We are sabotaging the future of our children.

1) Canada has a world view of equality and freedom. If we bring in large numbers of immigrants without vetting them for world view then consider, with our current population of only thirty-six million our anticipated increase through birth and current expected immigration, could reasonably bring us to 50 million — but bringing in another 50 million people, to ‘top us up’ to a population of 100,000,000, brings in their world views to compete with our own. Are women equal? Are Canadians equal? Or, has another world view arisen, replacing our Christian world view? Has our heritage of freedom and equality been left as a distant memory of the past? If we plan to throw out our world view, then this is what we will leave to our children: a future without freedom and equality because we sold out that world view to be “richer and more influential on the world stage.”

2) We are paving over our fertile farmland to build houses at a tremendous rate. Most people want to live along the Canada US border… the north isn’t as attractive with its bitter cold and high cost of living; food must be shipped in because there is less fertile land and a shorter growing period. Will we become dependent on other nations to feed us? What happens if we face another war against a dictator as in WW2? If our food supplier is on the ‘other side’ of the freedom and equality divide, do we opt for starvation or accept a dictatorship? This could be the decision of future Canadians. If we cannot produce our own food, we will bow before the dictates of those who preserved their agricultural industry — or starve with our children.

3) The United Way has sounded the alarm on housing issues in the GTA. This picture has been sent around the internet as support for the problem of putting a roof over our heads in the Greater Toronto Area. This may be an exaggeration but think about this same picture with the building twice as tall! If we double the number of people with the same policies we have now (through immigration) without the needed infrastructure we will double the problem for our infrastructure and housing shortage.

4) If we factor in foreign ownership, then (according to this article), with one in ten West Vancouver homes being foreign owned and inflated prices being paid, Canadians will be priced out of housing. “Brent Eilers of Re/Max Masters Realty, who sells in West Vancouver’s luxury real estate market, agrees the numbers presented so far are “probably grossly understated as to the reality of what’s going on.” The inflated prices put added pressure on Canadian’s ability to find affordable housing. While it’s challenging now, if we don’t address the problem of foreign ownership, it will increase. If we don’t address the effects of our current policies on homes for Canadians, the earlier-mentioned tower will end up double the size.

5) The United Nations predicts that by 2100 the global population will be in decline. According to Pew Research’s comments on the 2019 UN World Population Prospects 2019, “In the Northern America region, migration from the rest of the world is expected to be the primary driver of continued population growth.” Back to the Century Initiative Report where they anticipate Canada attracting “young, talented, well-educated, and skilled” immigrants. My thoughts immediately went to Canada robbing developing countries of their best and brightest, condemning the population of developing countries to a continued life of poverty so we can be “richer and more influential on the world stage.”

These are just a few of the many reasons why we need to be concerned over the direction that our leaders are taking us… 1) Protection of our freedom and equality; 2) Protection of our food supply; 3) Insufficient infrastructure 4) inflated prices due to foreign ownership; 5) Canada thriving on the backs of the destitute.

CHP Canada stands firm in our commitment to defend freedom and equality. We believe that a nation that cannot feed itself cannot survive as a nation. We believe that Canada belongs to Canadians thus Canadian ownership must be protected. We also believe that it is immoral to rob the best and brightest from the developing world thus condemning millions of people to poverty with little hope of a tolerable lifestyle.

CHP Canada stands against the Global Compact for Migration and other such encouragements to establish us as a “post national state”. We are proud Canadians and we will “stand on guard for thee.” Join today!

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