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Forget ‘global warming’—‘Demographic winter’ is really coming… and it’s a much bigger global threat!

Tue, April 29, 2008   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   Volume 15    Issue 16   

Make a note of this Internet address:—and be sure to get this important DVD. Here's the story:

You may or may not believe in 'global warming'; I do not: I think it's a power grab by international socialists. But I'll concede that there are arguments being made on both sides of that debate.

You may or may not believe that the 'sub-prime mortgage crunch' in the USA has the power to tank the Dow, the S&P and the Nasdaq-there are arguments on both sides of that debate, too.

But nobody is arguing with the demographers who are warning of a soon-coming 'demographic winter'.

It's a much bigger threat than 'climate change' or recession.

And this one's real.

You can't argue with demographics; unless they're changed, population trends are the future. You can predict tomorrow by looking in today's classrooms, schoolyards and nurseries. And unless we make some drastic changes, here's what they show:

  • Fertility rates in the Western world-and even in Asian, Eastern European and some Muslim countries-are below replacement level… in some cases disastrously below.
  • Global population may continue to grow for a decade or two-but the ratio of aged to young is already swinging wildly towards a greying population.
  • There will not be enough young people in the work force to provide the innovation on which our economies have depended; there will not be enough young people to keep the economy producing jobs; ironically, that means there will not be enough jobs for even the few young people in the population.
  • The global population decline-called the 'demographic winter'-will be steeper, deeper and faster than the population growth of the last half-century.
  • All that adds up to a global depression worse than the 'Dirty Thirties'-unless we make some radical social changes… soon.

There are 5 Communiqués in this series on Demographic Winter:

  1. 'Demographic winter' is really coming… and it's a much bigger global threat!
  2. How did the 'demographic winter' get started?
  3. Specific causes of 'demographic winter'
  4. Trends en route to 'demographic winter'
  5. Can we avoid 'demographic winter'? Maybe

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