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The Role of Conscience and the Rule of Law

Tue, February 06, 2018   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 25    Issue 6   

On Friday, Prime Minister Trudeau tried to explain to a crowd in Nanaimo why he is willing to violate his own conscience and thinks it right to compel other Canadians to violate theirs. He claimed the inspiration for this approach was taught him by his father’s actions while he (Pierre Trudeau) was Prime Minister. This storyline is not only disingenuous but extremely dangerous. A nation without scruples will soon be a nation without law.

Specifically, the PM told the Nanaimo town hall crowd that his decision to deny student employment funding to individuals or organizations that refuse to sign the “attestation” (swearing allegiance to a pro-abortion and pro-LGBTQ agenda) was modelled after his father’s decision to decriminalize homosexuality, regularize divorce, and loosen abortion laws. “He [PET] moved forward on a piece of legislation that was fair and right for Canada, that his own personal faith didn’t align with or allow for on a personal level.”

That is an amazing statement and has so many inherent flaws that it must be challenged as a wholly inadequate guide for legislative impulses.

First, the PM stated that both he and his father have—or had—moral convictions that can be traced back to Catholic teaching and practice. He declared himself to be a Catholic and a “person of faith.” Second, he posited that it was somehow noble that both he and his father were willing to violate their convictions to do what they thought in the best interests of Canadians.

Those two statements don’t square. You either have convictions or you don’t. If you think legislation that contradicts your beliefs is better for the country than legislation supported by your beliefs then your beliefs are not really beliefs. They’re not convictions. They’re either positions to which you pay lip service or (and this is by far the worse possibility) you know them to be true and right but you are willing to violate those beliefs for political advantage. In other words, you think you can get away with it. You do what’s wrong, knowing it’s wrong but claiming to be motivated by a higher purpose. That is self-deception and can lead to no good ends.

As we survey the destruction and chaos wrought in our society over the past 50 years since Trudeau senior unleashed no-fault divorce, abortion on demand, and the tide of sexual perversion now reaching from the “bedrooms of the nation” into the “classrooms of the nation,” we can say with conviction that his violation of conscience has had tragic consequences for the nation about which he claimed to care.

Our current PM has now taken deliberate steps to force the rest of us to treat his father’s legislative legacy as if it were based on foundational principles while acknowledging that it actually came from the violation of moral law.

It has been fashionable over recent decades to talk about “my morality” and “your morality” as if such things were mere social constructs to be put on or taken off like a suit of clothes. Underlying nearly every issue of public policy is the constant and intense demand not to have “your morality” imposed on other Canadians who—presumably—each have a distinct and inviolable morality of their own.

This is a gross misunderstanding not only of Canadian law but also of human nature and the laws written on our hearts and minds long before our Parliament was established, long before the councils of the elders.

God has given each of us a conscience. We instinctively know that it is wrong to steal, to commit murder or to lie. When these self-evident truths are entrenched in the laws of our nation, it is only a confirmation of the laws written in our hearts and minds. We cannot violate those laws without damaging our conscience. Repeated violation of the conscience deadens its impulses and weakens its voice. When a national leader violates his conscience, the nation suffers. When the citizens of a nation are pressured to violate their consciences, to “go along to get along,” the nation is in danger of collapsing into chaos.

Canada was founded on principles (so says the Charter which Trudeau senior introduced) which recognize the “supremacy of God and the rule of law.” Without a recognition of God and a nationally-shared respect for the universal principles of justice, which He has placed in our hearts, there can be no rule of law. A nation in such a state is a nation in chaos. A nation in chaos, lawless and selfish, is not the kind of nation we wish to leave to our children.

Are your principles matters of expedience or conscience? If your conscience is pricked by the violation of natural law then it is time for you to stand on those principles, join the fight, and become a member and financial supporter of the only political party willing to stand on principle.

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