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The First Post-National State?

Tue, March 28, 2017   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 24    Issue 13   

Canada’s Prime Minister informed the world last year that Canada has “no core identity.” He also said that he sees Canada as “the first post-national state.” This was the year prior to this year’s celebration of our 150th anniversary of Confederation. You remember? In 1867 our nation was created. Fifty years ago, we had a massive national celebration of Confederation under Prime Minister Trudeau Sr.

The truth of Junior’s assessment was brought home when, on March 14, 2016, our Department of Canadian Heritage set the theme for our 150th celebration of Confederation. “The main themes of the Government of Canada’s vision for the 150th anniversary of Confederation are diversity and inclusion, reconciliation from nation to nation with Indigenous people, the environment, and youth.” Nothing about Confederation! Nothing about the British and French and their desire to form a nation 150 years ago. Nothing about our future as a country.

In other words, Canada has no past…it’s just today; Canada has no future except as a “post-national state.” Our Prime Minister has rejected our Canadian nation. I’m not sure what that makes us!

What do Canadians think about Confederation? Numerous petitions have been presented to Parliament on behalf of groups that celebrate Confederation and want it included in our Confederation celebrations…Kings County Historical Society, Williams Lake Museum and Historical Society, Barrhead & District Historical Society, North Peace Historical Society, Pontiac Historical Society, Kipling & District Historical Society, Carman House Museum; the list goes on. Many of us sent letters and made calls to the PM’s office asking for us to be allowed to celebrate Confederation in our Confederation celebrations…all to no avail.

Canadians must stand back and watch our borders ignored by illegal immigrants. This not by people who are in imminent danger of persecution. No, it’s people who are currently safe and secure but…concerned that the country where they have already found refuge may rescind their status as refugees. Or, some have illegally immigrated into the US and are concerned that a crackdown would send them back to their home country. Canada is spending a small fortune…slipping deeper into debt…forsaking the care of our own vulnerable citizens because our PM lacks a vision for the nation that he has been elected to lead.

In 2011, The Fraser Institute advised us that immigration costs us $23B per year. The Auditor General has said in a report that there was no estimate on the cost of illegal entries, but said the Immigration Department estimates that each rejected refugee claimant, some of whom enter Canada illegally, costs taxpayers about $26,000. I’m no mathematician but, as of March 2nd, according to CBC at least 435 illegal immigrants had crossed into Canada in 2017. That’s over $11 million on just the illegal immigrants that were caught in the first 7 weeks of 2017.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll confirms that almost 1/2 of Canadians are not happy about this. But, in our current lawless environment, where our PM freely admits that he has smoked an illegal substance while an MP; where border entrance to Canada laws are ignored; where freedom of thought has been dealt a blow by our Parliamentarians; does it really matter what Canadians think?

Oh, did I forget to mention that Motion 103 had passed in Parliament, forced through by our feckless PM?

While we watch our borders assailed by illegal immigrants; while we celebrated “diversity and inclusion, reconciliation from nation to nation with Indigenous people, the environment, and youth;” March 23rd, a day of infamy, Canadians became victims of our PM’s vision of the “post-national state.” With the passing of Motion 103 in Parliament, the process has begun to prosecute Canadians for “thought crimes.”

While we sympathize with victims of the terror attack in London, which targeted the very seat of the heritage that we both share, we are aware that our PM thumbs his nose at Canadian values by attending gender segregated mosques with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is designated a terrorist organization by other countries.

Our Prime Minister may not understand our national identity; he may not understand our pride to be Canadian; he may not understand that we believe in reaching out to refugees but allowing all potential refugees access to an equal process; he may not understand that we believe in our Charter “rule of law;” he may not understand that we believe in caring for our own. In short, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may not understand who we are as Canadians, but he should understand that he has an obligation to protect this country and her citizens.

He may view as ideal a post-national state where women are equal…if their men allow them to be…or unequal, if their men prefer subordination. He may view a post-national state where homosexuals can be stoned…if the people they come in contact with prefer it that way, or treated as equals if the people they come into contact with prefer it that way. He may view a nation where people are muzzled by the law to speak against one particular religion while other religions can be mocked.

The purpose of a country is to bring like minded people together to live in harmony under a common set of laws. That country is then sovereign to set the laws in place that suit the heritage to which they adhere. Canada is a sovereign country, with a Christian heritage and laws based in that Christian heritage. We believe in the freedoms recognized by our Constitution…

Fundamental freedoms

2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

(a) freedom of conscience and religion;

(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;

(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and

(d) freedom of association.

God willing, we will hear the electorate speak out in defence of our heritage in the next election…our Christian heritage.

CHP Canada alone stands in defending what the average Canadian believes because we are not the elites of Canada, we are average, everyday, run of the mill Canadians who value God, family, and country. We are everyday Canadians who value our fundamental freedoms.

Make your stand today, join CHP Canada.

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