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Sex Trade

Tue, January 07, 2014   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 21    Issue 2 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

By Gordon Truscott — District Manager, Guelph, Ontario

& Vicki Gunn — Executive Director, CHP Canada

Canada's courts and Parliament continue to bow to the sexual revolution, which began in the 1960s, as the fearsome “god” of sexual pleasure continues to claim victim after victim.

On December 20th, 2013, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) struck down all laws protecting Canadians in the “sex trade” from exploitation through adult prostitution. The SCC justices have suspended the ruling for one year to give Parliament an opportunity to address changes to the existing laws. Given the cowardice that parliament demonstrated when given a similar mandate from the SCC twenty-five years ago – e.g. to review the abortion laws – what hope can Canadians have that parliament will act on this one? Given their track record – slim to none. This SCC ruling has, in effect, opened the door to a woman’s body becoming a commodity, pimps openly profiting from prostitution, and brothels operating freely in Canada.

Given this ruling, the Christian Heritage Party recognizes the massive escalation of risks that are imminent. Even under the current Canadian legislation, men and women in prostitution trade their safety for money. They are beaten, injured, and are open to the passing of sexually transmitted diseases. They suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; many women become pregnant and experience the destructive effects of Post Abortion Syndrome. Many of these women suffer from mental illnesses that could be controlled with proper access to their medication; but what pimp would want his “breadwinner” to be restored to her right mind, and able to walk away from “the life?”

One woman confided in me that her daughter did not have decent clothes to visit her children, but had the fanciest “whips and cuffs” to service her clients. These were gifts from her pimp. If the daughter behaved well, the pimp allowed her access to supervised phone calls to her parents and children. Unfortunately, each time the daughter was rescued and taken to a safe spot, she found a new pimp, who was “more like a boyfriend, and really loves me.” Again and again, the daughter has returned to “the life.” Imagine the escalation of these tragic testimonies if parliament fails to act.

Every person who sells his or her body for sexual purposes, or pays for sexual contact, demeans himself or herself. Many former prostitutes oppose the court's decision. They know all too well the harm that women suffer in surrendering their bodies to be mistreated and exploited. They know too well the allure of large earnings… even though many voluntarily turned everything over to their pimps and have to ask for money to purchase feminine supplies and sufficient food.

Once a woman agrees to enter a room alone, undress, and be violated by a man, what protection does she have? Yet, the justices of the Supreme Court of Canada, knowing the unlikelihood of parliament to act, have in effect applauded this abuse of women.

Yes, the Supreme Court has given our federal Parliament a year to enact laws restricting or banning prostitution and the practices that are linked to it—pimping, public solicitation, the purchase of sex, and the keeping of “bawdy houses.” Yet, realistically, which of the political parties will make this a priority? Even though it’s an opportunity for Parliament to shine, Canadians can have little hope that their MPs will muster the courage to deal with this, given the fact that elected officials avoid the risk of estranging voters by striking down or even speaking about our lack of abortion laws.

Sadly, only the Christian Heritage Party of Canada and a few very outnumbered yet courageous parliamentarians see the perils of opening the door to prostitution. We strongly oppose this practice, which demeans women and breaks down families and also undermines the sense of responsibility men should feel towards vulnerable women. As CHP Canada seeks to protect women, children, and men from sexual exploitation, our party is the only voice of hope for vulnerable Canadians.

It’s not enough to recognize that this is wrong; we must take action to right this wrong. Write your Member of Parliament to express concerns about the legalization of prostitution; and ask what your elected representative intends to do now. We all have a role to take in this battle for decency and safety in society.

There are different models adopted around the world to deal with this age-old problem with its associated risks. We have the benefit of being able to look not only at the legislation other countries have used but also the results. Be assured that the Christian Heritage Party will be using the time wisely to ensure that our policies provide the best outcomes for victims, abusers, and society in general.

In our “Call to Action” box, we have provided a link to locate your MP’s address, a sample letter below to send to your MP (it’s always best to use your own words but you are welcome to use this sample) and a link to join CHP Canada.

Do not delay in protecting the values and safety of all Canadians. If not you, then who?

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Call To Action

1. Find your Member of Parliament HERE

2. Prime Minister Harper's email

3. A sample letter to write to the editor and/or your MP is included BELOW

4. Join CHP Canada HERE

More documentation and information:

ARPA's submission on prostitution (PDF)

EFC's appeal to the Government

EFC's extensive report 'Out of Business' (PDF)  

Sample Letter

Dear Prime Minister Harper and MP___________:

The Supreme Court of Canada has struck down all laws restricting prostitution and prostitution-related activities. In other words, individuals may freely sell their bodies for sexual purposes and pimps and brothel operators may profit from these activities.

If you allow this judgment to stand, our society will have abandoned its responsibility to safeguard vulnerable women in favour of individual rights to abuse oneself and others. Indeed, there are some who see this as a right of the young woman, but I see this as abuse.

Girls participating in prostitution may be stabbed, burnt, abused, damaged, and become a conduit for sexually transmitted diseases. They may even be killed. Apart from demeaning the young woman or man, these liaisons interfere with responsible relationships of husbands, wives and parents raising children. Society has a clear obligation to stop such detrimental conduct.

Laws are for the protection of Canadians. Child pornography laws protect children from sexual exploitation. Laws prohibiting the use of illegal drugs guard the bodies of youth and adults in Canada. With such laws firmly and justifiably in place, how can we justify allowing a man to coerce a woman into providing sexual service for others and then taking the cash for himself because he has portrayed to her that he is providing protection for her?

With no law against prostitution, increasingly we will see young girls abandoning their bodies to men solely interested in sexual gratification with no regard for the dignity and intrinsic worth of other human beings. Trafficking of prostitutes, which is already a problem in Canada, would be made worse. Acceptance by parliament of this ruling would be an open invitation to pimps.

If parliament does not enact new laws regarding ‘sexual services’, how could we restrict their advertising practices and locations? Municipalities and citizens would have to fight to keep pimps, brothels, and lewd ads out of neighbourhoods and communities.

Crimes associated with prostitution flourish in countries that allow sexual abuse for money. We need prostitution laws that outlaw prostitution and prosecute all persons involved in this degrading pursuit.

You are elected to diligently govern Canadians; failure to take a stand to enact laws against prostitution and associated activities would be a dereliction of your responsibility to the electorate.

I want to know your position on this matter. How you plan to ensure that this is properly addressed. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

John or Jane Doe



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