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Past Changes and Needed Changes

Tue, December 17, 2019   |   Author: Peter Vogel   |   Volume 26    Issue 50 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

This decade is coming to an end; the second of the “new” millennium. Time marches on and this millennium has brought changes that were not even imagined 20 years ago. The law of unintended consequences has overtaken much of our culture.

We have watched big ideas being ignored while the ideas of small thinkers were gobbled up and embraced, only to be spit out and forgotten when the next social theory came along.

The economy and the environment were much talked about; opinions about both have changed dramatically. People can barely discuss those topics today without anger! But did the economy and environment really change in significant ways?

Sexual morality and ethics related to the sanctity of human life were basically ignored by the mass-media and treated as irrelevant.

So what has changed in the past 20 years?

  1. The weather, all the time, as usual.
  2. The acceptability of Biblical ethics in our culture has moved from acceptable to objectionable; what was noble and right is increasingly considered immoral and wrong, and vice-versa.
  3. The status of Canada’s governing party from majority to minority (just lately).
  4. The leadership of the Conservative Party is changing although a new leader has not yet been chosen (same for the Green Party).
  5. The rise of the People’s Party was something new, but technically nothing changed as they did not elect anyone to Parliament.
  6. Medical assistance in dying (MAID) has gone from unacceptable to acceptable, with our government now considering offering it to troubled youths.
  7. Parents no longer have the right to raise their children according to their family beliefs and values; with extreme state incursion going so far as to deny the parents the right to make medical decisions for their own children.

What has really stayed the same?

  1. The fact that the weather changes, as it always has.
  2. Left-leaning media bias. Actually it’s worse but it continues on its trajectory.
  3. Human error, though we seem bent on finding new mistakes to make…
  4. Canadian’s attitude towards the National Debt and growing deficits. (general apathy)
  5. The status-quo of publicly-funded, government-approved abortion—considered by some to be a “human right”.
  6. CHP’s resolve to change the status-quo and protect all innocent human life from conception to natural death!
  7. And, thankfully, God has not changed and still offers forgiveness for sins.

As we look forward to the next decade, what things should change?

2019 marked the 50th year since the passage of Bill C-150, the famous 1969 “Omnibus” Bill that brought in the first legalization of abortion and the decriminalization of homosexuality, along with several other Criminal Code changes. That was a massive moral shift in Canada’s history. Were these changes good for children? (always a good question.) Not at all. Over 4 million pre-born children have been killed in Canada since then (see Abortion; Worldwide Report: 1 Century, 100 Nations, 1 Billion Babies [GLC Publications] for more information).

With regard to homosexuality, the moral environment has changed so much that even questioning its morality is considered “immoral”. Homosexual marriage was legalized in 2005 and thereafter adoption of children became a legal possibility across Canada. Again, is this good for children? It is certainly more difficult now to answer that question honestly as the obvious conclusion is not politically-correct. This and other issues are stealing from Canadians their freedom of thought and opinion.

So, what needs to change?

  • First of all, the right to life needs to be protected by the government and the courts; no human being should be legally entitled to kill another human being. Neither should our government participate in denying personhood to any human being.
  • Secondly, we need to stop the slide away from freedom of speech because without freedom of speech, we cannot protect other rights or expose other wrongs.

But we must be careful when we say, “there should be a law against that”. Governments, including well-meaning governments, have sometimes over-governed and not allowed citizens to take responsibility for their own actions. Not enough laws is a problem, but too many laws is also a problem. That balance is a challenge not just for the next decade, but for the centuries that lie ahead. Laws based on God’s just standards are what is needed.

In conclusion, let us remember that despite the terrible changes that all of us have witnessed over our lifetimes, God is still in control. Let us be humble and thankful for the positive changes that have been made (for there are some), sometimes without us even noticing.

The greatest of changes can come from the smallest of beginnings. Just think of the smallness and “insignificance” of a baby born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago…

May God bless you and may each of you continue to persevere in your efforts for Christian Heritage Party of Canada. If you are not a member, join today.

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