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Move Over Galileo

Tue, September 05, 2017   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 24    Issue 36   

Thankfully, we live in a word where nobody ever lies or misrepresents themselves. Thankfully, every word that’s spoken to me I can believe…just because the person said it.

Of course, you could be excused for doubting the veracity of the above because we know that people do misrepresent themselves, they misrepresent what they’re doing, they misrepresent what their motives are…common sense tells me that people do lie but…what does common sense have to do with anything? It’s negative to think that way.

Our government seems determined to place their collective hands firmly over their collective eyes and call lies truth. It’s the new “nice.”

Have you ever wondered why we apply for Passports? Wikipedia says that it certifies my identity and nationality for travel. While I can easily tell any border guard who I am and what I think is important for them to know, the point of a passport is to prove it.

It’s a government-issued document that confirms your date of birth, confirms who you are, confirms what you look like, confirms your citizenship, etc. It is issued in accordance with verifiable facts. In short, your passport confirms who you are when you want to prove your identity.

Enter the Canadian government! In the wisdom of this government, they have decided that a passport need not indicate what sex you are. Passports don’t need to be based in fact…fiction is fine.

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says the move is part of a plan to make all government-issued documents gender neutral. He added that Canadians should be free to “express their gender as they choose.”

There are very detailed instructions as to what the passport photo must look like, but in a time when security risks are high, when most countries wish to protect themselves from undocumented people, our government is issuing passports that do not tell a vital bit of information about those crossing borders.

Increasingly, we are seeing decisions made that deny the science of who we are. Except in extremely rare circumstances, each of us is born with a clearly-defined physical sex. The doctor doesn’t need to sit down and do medical tests of xx or xy chromosomes to determine the sex of a baby. If it wasn’t announced using the evidence of ultrasound, it can be announced the moment the baby is 3/4 of the way born. This determination is a medical fact. The parts that are apparent as male or female are evident at a glance.

Tragically, in extremely rare circumstances, there can be a chromosomal problem that results in genuine gender dysphoria, with physical evidence. In most cases, however, the emotional arguments that go with a person’s feelings of whether they are male or female do not change the facts. A person’s sex is apparent and the chromosomes make the fact of sex indisputable.

I remember as a child, when I didn’t want to hear the truth, plugging my ears, shutting my eyes, and shouting loudly, “I can’t hear you.” Of course, that was when I was a child. I have since learned, as an adult, that facts are what they are. A fact is indisputable.

Our elected government officials choose to cover their eyes, cover their ears, shout “I can’t hear you,” and produce fiction as fact.

In 1633, Galileo was convicted for his belief that the earth is not the centre of the universe and the sun does not rotate around the earth.

Today, our current government-mandated beliefs equally belie scientific facts. Move over, Galileo, sounds like today’s world is as opposed to facts as the world in 1633.

Let’s not wait until, as in 1633, holders of truth face life imprisonment. CHP Canada has its feet firmly placed on the side of truth. To make your stand with the truth, join CHP Canada today.

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