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Criminalizing Good Parents

Tue, April 11, 2017   |   Author: Peter Vogel   |   Volume 24    Issue 15   

When I was young, I didn’t always think that I needed a spanking when I got one; I was a pretty good kid in my own mind. When I got older, I saw that I did need correction and that I was actually quite a selfish little guy. I could have used more correction in some areas, and probably a little less in others. But, my parents loved me and tried to do their best to raise me well. They still love me, and I love them all the more for doing their best to raise me and my siblings. Many children get neither the tough love of a spanking nor the soft love of a hug (or home-cooked meal) nearly as often as they need or want it. I did, and I’m grateful.

Whether you believe in spanking a misbehaving child or not, you probably see the need for some form of correction or restraint to keep a child from hurting him/herself or others. Surely, a parent’s prerogative to choose suitable punishment will always be allowed, right?

Not if our Senate has its way. The Senate has introduced a piece of legislation that would do away with the provision in Canada’s Criminal Code allowing parents and caregivers to physically restrain and discipline children under their supervision.

The criminal code currently reads: Criminal Code Clause 1: Existing text of section 43:

43. Every schoolteacher, parent or person standing in the place of a parent is justified in using force by way of correction toward a pupil or child, as the case may be, who is under his care, if the force does not exceed what is reasonable under the circumstances.”

Bill S-206 would remove this clause entirely and not replace it with anything. Thereafter, any use of force to correct a child by a parent or caregiver could be considered assault and be prosecuted as such.

Will this actually happen? Not immediately, but it will be a threat lurking in the background, making the difficult job of parenting even more stressful.

“Keep 43 Committee of Canada,” is a non-partisan and unaffiliated organization founded to provide perspective on this issue. They make many good points on this issue, two that are of particular interest: 82% of parents could be criminalized by this bill, and “Criminalization of parenting is one material factor deterring childbirths and collapsing societal fertility rates to extinction levels.” Parenting is already in decline! We need a government that recognizes that this decline is a problem! What we have is a government and Senate that don’t care about parents or the next generation.

Parents in Ontario are also facing the threat that their children could be taken from them if they don’t support gender ideology — and don’t think that the province you live in is safe from this ideology! Bill 89 shows that Ontario’s government believes that children belong to the state, not their parents. If you live in Ontario, please sign Citizen Go’s petition opposing this madness. The backgrounder explains that Bill 89:

  • pushes gender ideology onto children by adding “gender identity” and “gender expression” to what is considered to be “the best interests of the child”;
  • removes protective language in the Child and Family Services Act that “respects” and “takes into account” a minor’s religious faith, and replaces it instead with amorphous language about respecting a minor’s “creed”;
  • imposes the dubious idea that all children and young people have a “gender identity” and “gender expression” by borrowing the list of anti-discrimination language from the controversial Ontario Human Rights Code and Ontario Employment Act;
  • gives the state greater power to remove children from their parents and guardians, especially those parents/guardians who are people of faith or are otherwise opposed to gender ideology.

Bill 89 is currently in committee, so we need to voice our displeasure very quickly!

Getting back to S-206: there is something that you can do about this too—ARPA Canada is encouraging parents, but not only parents, to make 30 second videos with a statement about how loving parenting sometimes requires discipline, even spanking. If you don’t have children, but are thankful you were disciplined as a child, talk about this; Canadians need to know that loving parents should not be criminalized! Post your video to social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) with the hashtags #lovingparent #NOTaCriminal and #stopS206. For further background and instructions, you can go to ARPA’s website.

CHP believes that parents have a God-given role to raise their children and that the government must not try to usurp it. The government has a vested interest in parents doing a good job of raising their children because, if they don’t, the government will have to deal with disrespectful and misbehaving adults in the criminal justice system.

Most people know this instinctively, but political correctness prevents many from saying it or doing anything about it. Let’s not be afraid to tell others the truth that if parents don’t discipline their children when they are young, society will have a much bigger problem to deal with in the future.

If you believe that truths like this need to be spoken in the political realm, please join CHP! If you are a member and want to help your party, please donate. We need your help at this time.

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