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Aborting Our Future

Tue, October 23, 2018   |   Author: Renae Jarrett   |   Volume 25    Issue 43 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

There is something about the word “abortion” that makes political leaders run for cover and refuse to legislate the matter. This is interesting since Canada is generally known for making a law for just about everything. We are managers.

Some leaders, like Prime Minister Trudeau, have hidden behind it being a woman’s right and have even attached support for abortion as a requirement prior to receiving government funding, through the recent Canada Summer Jobs Program. Then we have Conservative leader Andrew Scheer who said, “I have made it very clear, I will not reopen these types of divisive social issues.” At the Conservative Convention in August, a resolution was defeated to remove from their policy book a pledge to not support any legislation to regulate abortion.

But Canadians need to ask how politicians, who claim to abide by Supreme Court decisions, have a hands-off approach to this issue when this court specifically ordered Parliament to create a new law after striking down the old one in 1988?

It is because we have no legislation that unborn children can be aborted according to their gender. This is called gendercide and is popular in cultures where males are preferred over females. No legislation on abortion also means that a baby could be aborted up until full-term. While this is rare, it is possible.

It is because there is no legislation to protect unborn children that women can be harassed into having an abortion. It’s called abortion coercion, and it’s done by men, families and abortion clinics daily.

It’s because we have no legislation that minors can have an abortion without parental consent. Imagine that! Students need parental consent forms for field trips, but not for a life-altering surgery impacting both the youth and the child involved.

And, it is because there is no legislation to protect unborn children that if a pregnant woman is murdered, the suspect will only be charged for the death of the mother … even though the mother chose life for her child. The woman’s choice gives her baby no legal standing should someone else choose to kill her baby. The list of murdered pregnant women on Cassie & Molly Matters is shocking! The government only protects the right to abort.

Approximately one hundred thousand unborn children are extinguished in Canada every year (and that, of course, is only the number of those reported). Canada is the only Western nation without an abortion law.

If you’ve had an abortion, this is not to point a finger at you, although perhaps you’ll see your decision (however you came to it) in a new light and seek out whatever care you may still need. But if our political leaders have no political will to put some safeguards in place for women and unborn children, then they are in effect aborting our future – children, grandchildren and future leaders alike.

Only one political party will protect the right to life and the right to bear life. Join CHP Canada today and join your voice with our voice in seeking protection of our most vulnerable citizens.

 - Renae Jarrett is a freelance journalist that lives in Durham, loves Canada and is passionate about truth in current affairs. She can be reached at:

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