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Unplanned — Now “Unbanned”!

Tue, July 09, 2019   |   Author: Peter Vogel   |   Volume 26    Issue 27 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

When you think of a banned movie, you are probably thinking of something so vile or indecent that it cannot be shown. There are many movies with gross indecency, wanton violence, and subversive morality in Canadian theatres. What would it take to get a movie banned in Canada? Abortion!

The Unplanned movie was not actually banned in Canada, but distributors refused to carry it, which effectively banned it from theatres showing it. That changed last month when Cinedicom launched into the business of distributing movies and gave theatres the opportunity to show Unplanned, and ultimately Canadians like you the opportunity to see it.

Not all Canadians want to see it, and that is OK—but some are trying to prevent others, who want to see it, from watching it. There have even been death threats that prompted a few theatres to pull back from showing it.

Maybe someone will eventually produce a movie about the drama of getting the Unplanned movie into Canada! But what is it that makes this movie special?

Those who promote abortion tell stories. They tell tragic stories of women in bad situations and give the impression that abortion helped these women. Unplanned tells a story too. It tells Abby Johnston’s story, and it shows that abortion is not the “happily ever after” ending that abortion advocates make it out to be.

Along these same lines is Melody’s Story which you can watch on CHP’s website. Also, please consider watching and promoting the documentary “The Missing Project” to hear about how abortions have affected many people negatively, and not only women!

Without giving away too much of Unplanned, (I was able to see it at a private screening) let me say that it gripped me and did not let me go. I have had opportunities to speak to mothers who had abortions, and while their verbal accounts are stirring, honest, and moving, the movie shows you what their stories told you.

If you see a PG-13 or 14A rating on this movie don’t be alarmed. There are scenes that show the bloody reality of abortion, but no overt indecency. If you are squeamish, my advice is to close your eyes for a few seconds here and there, but still go and watch it. Parents should watch it themselves before deciding whether it is appropriate for their children to see; it is not appropriate for young children. However, it should be watched by everyone who can vote.

Every voter ought to confront the reality that tax-paying Canadians are paying for the procedures that this movie portrays. The story is an American one, and abortions are paid for out-of-pocket down there, but here in Canada, they are paid for from your pocket and mine. The fact that a child, made in God’s image, is killed by the procedure far outweighs the financial considerations, but the fact that our governments, provincial and federal, past and present do little or nothing to change the status-quo makes them—and those who voted for them—complicit and worse.

And yet, some are quite unaware of the reality, and they will need to see it to believe it. That is why we need this film to be watched by many in theatres.

Please pray that the film will be watched by many, and that many hearts will be changed. Let’s also be thankful that prayers were answered and that the film is coming to Canada! God has given us an opportunity and a tool, now let’s go and do our best to promote and share it.

Action items:

  • Invite family, friends, and neighbours to watch Unplanned with you.
  • “Vote with your feet, buy a seat!”
  • Be part of a sell-out crowd that will convince the theatre to show Unplanned for more than a week!
  • If there is no space in a theatre, please consider giving up your spot to someone else, someone who might be less convinced about the humanity of the pre-born than you are. Going again later to a different viewing is a small sacrifice to make for someone else’s opportunity.

CHP has been pro-life from its founding, and we have not wavered from this conviction — not because it is popular, but because it is always right to defend life and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. If you agree, please join CHP and be a voice for the voiceless as a member, donor, or even a candidate!

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