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Truthophobia: The Fear and Hatred of Facts

Tue, February 21, 2017   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 24    Issue 8   

In recent years, the self-righteous condemnation of “hate crimes” and various “phobias” has been all the rage (no irony intended). The self-absorbed political oligarchs, talking heads and media gatekeepers have contrived to set up a hate-filled straw man whom they can blame as the source of all division and violence; attention has been cleverly shifted from the very real threats to public safety, civil order and personal freedom to this vague and sinister character who simply refuses to accept the new Canadian identity and values as defined by the elite.

It has been said that the first casualty of war is the truth. That we are engaged in an epic battle for the culture is obvious to most. What is at stake, and why, has been distorted by media spin and autocratic fiat so that great swathes of the population have lost the ability to discern between the genuine dangers we face as a society and the fantasies of self-informed bigots of whatever stripe.

Let’s assume that there is such a thing as factual truth and that it can be known. Let’s assume that people who know the truth will make better decisions than those who are believing a lie. Let’s assume that in order to keep the multitudes from understanding the truth and making better decisions at the ballot box, those in power will use every means at their disposal to conceal the facts and distract voters from the real issues. It’s happening. It’s happening today. Those who hate the truth will not tolerate those who speak the truth. First they will insult. Then they will threaten. Then they will fine. Then they will imprison. And then . . . we all know (or have some of us forgotten?) what happened in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s. First there was a lie. Then there was a demand for uniformity of public opinion and expression to agree with the lie. This was enforced in the early stages through peer pressure, then threats, then imprisonment and torture and then . . . six million Jews were killed along with countless others. The Soviet Union later applied the same methods, covering the truth with lies, all the while printing the “news” (fake news) every day in Pravda. “Pravda” means “Truth”. Over thirty million died under Stalin’s lies, many of them simply for speaking the truths that Stalin and his henchmen did not want told.

Today in Canada, we are being told lies that masquerade as truth. Our children are being lied to in public schools. Those who tell the truth are being ridiculed, accused of hatred and racism and already they are being threatened with the loss of jobs, the loss of their homes and the loss of their freedom. Truth is fallen in the streets.

Let’s look at three issues about which the ruling elites in government try so hard to suppress the truth. Why are they afraid of the truth? Why do they hate the truth? Because it interferes with their plans and contradicts their narrative.

They say: There are many genders and gender identities and to claim otherwise is hateful and bigoted. 

We say: There are two genders, male and female. This is biological reality. To claim otherwise is nonsense; teaching multi-gender theory to schoolchildren encourages dangerous experimentation which can lead to harmful behavioural addictions, dysfunctional human relationships and destructive social behaviours.

They say: Islam is a religion of peace and deserves special protection. MP Iqra Khalid’s Motion-103 is all about protecting Islam and offers no protection to Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists or others. They claim (without any justification) that hostility towards Islam requires this unprecedented partiality.

We say: In Canada, all citizens, not only Muslims, should be free to worship without fear, free to associate, to convert and to peacefully proselytize. It is not acceptable that Christians should be mocked and attacked by the secular media (as they so often are), while Islamists are protected from public mockery by ‘special legislation’. We know that around the world, radical Islamists routinely torture, behead and mutilate Christians and Jews. While it is difficult to verify accurate numbers, thousands of Christians (some say as many as 90,000) are martyred around the globe each year, many by Islamists. To establish special protection in Canada only against speech critical of Islam is an insult to those of other faiths, especially the Judaeo-Christian faith on which Canada was founded.

They say: Abortion is only a woman’s choice and must be protected, promoted and justified. They don’t want the pro-life message on campuses. They don’t want pro-lifers near abortion clinics. They won’t talk about the link between abortion and breast cancer. They won’t talk about the censorship of abortion statistics in BC and Ontario. They say the pre-born infant is not a human person until fully delivered.

We say: The unborn child is a living human being and is deserving of legal protection. We say that freedom of speech includes on the sidewalks in front of abortion clinics, that young women deserve to know about abortion and breast cancer, that young men should not coerce their girlfriends to kill their babies. We say (and most Canadians agree with us) that pre-born girls should not be killed in sex-selective abortions, just because they’re girls.

There are many more examples of truthophobia, the irrational fear of truth. There are many more ways that truth is being sacrificed for political correctness and partisan advantage. These are only a few. It’s time Canadians demanded honesty from their politicians, from the courts and from the media. It’s time Canadians demanded honesty in the classroom. Freedom of speech and freedom of conscience are at stake. Unless we defend those vigorously now, our prisons will become political tools for tyrants and all too soon, brave Canadians will again have to choose between martyrdom and slavery.

Now is the time to lift your voice for freedom, for common sense, for truth and justice. Join or contribute to the Christian Heritage Party today and help us defend the truth. Truth is not to be feared. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

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