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Tokin’ Democracy

Tue, April 18, 2017   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 24    Issue 16   

It’s hard to believe, even now. Our Prime Minister, along with his Health Minister and Justice Minister, are actually planning to make pot legal. Not just for medicinal purposes; that was only the barrier-breaking first step. No, the PM is actually going to make “recreational use” the new norm.

“And why not?” you may ask. Over the past 40 years, society and legal institutions have legitimized “recreational sex,” uncommitted, casual sex purely for physical pleasure with no greater goal such as raising children or developing lifelong relationships. Why shouldn’t marijuana be legalized, regulated, and made a source of income for the government?

As in the example listed above, foolish decisions result in tragic outcomes. Society’s acceptance and approval of no-fault divorce and common-law partnerships have resulted in an increased incidence of broken homes and single-parent homes. Aggressive sex-ed and condom distribution in the schools and sexually-explicit entertainment have resulted in increased rates of sexually-transmitted disease, teen pregnancies, and abortions. If we want to experience another catastrophic rise in unhealthy behaviours, legalizing mind-altering drugs may be just the thing.

The problems one can anticipate are many and complex. Induced states of delusional fantasy cannot possibly be helpful in long-term planning, either for families or communities. Negative impacts on driving, flying, operating of equipment, and other normal activities are only too likely. Making responsible decisions in regard to spending millions and billions of taxpayers’ money may be less likely . . . even if decision-makers have not “toked up” on any particular morning. THC stays in the system longer than alcohol and affects thinking in ways that can’t always be predicted.

Lethargy, apathy, selfishness, laziness, confusion, increased appetite, and inability to correlate cause and effect are some results we can expect. There exists a real likelihood of some who begin with a legalized substance and end up on harder drugs, looking for a “higher high.” Marijuana is also addictive; perhaps not in the same way as heroin but certainly in the sense of a habit-forming escape from reality. Much effort has been spent and many regulations passed to try to get people to quit smoking tobacco. Now, apparently smoking is okay as long as it’s marijuana.

The move to legalize marijuana is a terrible one but it comes on the heels of another frightening move by the PM and his cabinet. In a discussion paper released in March by Trudeau’s government leader, Bardish Chagger, the Liberals want to limit debate times on future bills and eliminate the possibility of a filibuster. Essentially, this is a move to consolidate even more power in the PMO and in the Cabinet. These are the types of actions expected in a dictatorship, not in a civilized democracy. When those in power are making decisions like legalizing mind-altering drugs and sending $650 million of taxpayers’ money to provide abortions overseas, the last thing Canadians want or need is for that same self-approving clique to have even more power. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Where there is no respect either for God or for the institutions of democracy and responsible debate, there will be no wisdom, only foolish decisions.

May wiser heads prevail.

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