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Thinking about the future

Mon, September 24, 2007   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

During the last federal election campaign, at an all-candidates' meeting, Conservative MP Chuck Strahl told the audience in Chilliwack, BC:

"We've got to accept the fact that the abortion laws aren't going to change."

He was wrong. Dead wrong.

But you see, Chuck speaks for a party that is too cowardly and short-sighted to recognize the nation's urgent need to grasp this difficult issue and deal with it.

A recent report from Statistics Canada warns that Canada's population is aging much too rapidly. Unless we deal with this issue-soon-Canada faces a bleak future.

But every party now sitting in Parliament is morally crippled by the same lack of courage and vision as the Harper Tories.

It's ironic that in almost every city in North America, you can rent a car equipped with a GPS locator that will talk to you, and tell you how to find your way to your destination; and we're on the verge of making cars that will run on hydrogen, so that nothing comes out the exhaust pipe but water vapour. Yet our technologically-advanced society can't seem to find a more humane way of dealing with unanticipated pregnancies than to butcher babies in the womb!

We're technological giants-and moral midgets. And our so-called "leaders" are too timid to even discuss the issue. So we kill 110,000 babies a year for the "crime" of being conceived at an inconvenient time-and you and I pay the hired killers with our taxes.

We're smarter than that. We're better than that. We must be-or we'll perish. When our economy comes crashing down around our ears because there are no longer enough young people to sustain it, we'll richly deserve our fate. That day is coming soon, unless we start electing MPs who have the courage and the common sense to see that those babies represent Canada's future… to see that we're killing our future.

So please-think about the things your MPs are afraid to think about. If you believe in God, pray that He'll give you the courage to do what your MPs are terrified to even think of doing.

Then do what's right: Join the CHP; support the CHP; vote for the CHP.

The future of Canada depends on people with the courage to face difficult decisions, and not cave in to Political Correctness.

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