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The Price of Life vs. The Value of Life

Sat, June 02, 2018   |   Author: Peter Vogel   |     

Some people know the price of things, but not the value of things. What is the value of a human life? It is incalculable! So how much should a fertilized egg cost? If you can buy that, how much should it cost to get it incubated for nine months till birth? What questions!

These questions will have real dollar-figure answers if MP Anthony Housefather has his way. He introduced a private members bill (Bill C 404) this week that would de-criminalize the sale of sperm, ovum, and even surrogacy.

Who does this help and who does it hurt? On first glance, one could be tempted to think that this is good; it could help some couples to have children who otherwise could not. Perhaps it will, donations of these things are legal now—but selling is not—yet.

More children could be born in Canada as a result of C-404, and that is good; we have an unsustainably low birth-rate in Canada. But being able to buy ovum and sperm will mean that couples, or possibly individuals, will be able to mix and match and try to get the baby they want. Do-it-yourself eugenics for all! Children who are part or full siblings will grow up together and have no knowledge of how many brothers or sisters they have! Some will grow up without a mother or a father because their “parent” effectively bought them! What if the baby fails to live up to its designer genes? Will its creator have the option of ‘deleting’ the product? How will we prevent the damage caused by breeding too close in the gene pool? Will MPs have the moral strength to even bring these moral dilemmas into the debate?

What about women—will this bill help women who could now earn a living by being surrogates? It depends what you mean by “help”. Think for a minute about what a surrogate “mother” would be going through knowing that the child is not hers and that she could not keep the child. What would happen if she miscarried? How many such ordeals could she go through before couples would consider her to be high-risk and not worth the trouble? What is the price of the surrogate vs. the value of her life?

Imagine a couple buying some fertilized eggs from good, healthy, sellers, and getting another healthy young lady to carry the child or children for her. After an ultrasound, the couple sees that some of the eggs are viable and starting to grow as planned, but the problem is that there are 3 or 4, and they had only wanted one child. Will the surrogate have to be subjected to (an) abortion(s) during the pregnancy to get rid of the unwanted children in utero?

Some of these moral dilemmas are already happening. Some couples do implant more fertilized eggs than they intend to bring to birth. This is not a medical necessity, but it is sometimes encouraged by fertility clinics so that success is ensured. But the moral dilemma of having too many at one time and endangering the life of the mother and the unborn children is real.

Please take action and sign this petition.

One of the best things that could come from this bill and the resulting discussion is that MPs (and all Canadians) will have to face the reality of the humanity of the child before birth.

Let’s pray that this attempt at crass commercialization of the fertility and childbirth process would instead turn around and result in some protections for children in the womb.

This result seems almost unthinkable, but God is able to accomplish the impossible! He is the maker of life, and because human life is made uniquely in His image, it has incalculable value.

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