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The PM’s Filthy Money

Tue, January 15, 2019   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 26    Issue 2 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

“Money talks.” That well-worn saying points out the impact that money can have on political decisions. Although political bribes are forbidden, a person who bankrolls a candidate or a political party often expects some benefit—direct or indirect—from his or her contributions.

When money is used to manipulate policies for the exclusive benefit of the donor, that is corruption. Every politician and every party will agree that corruption is bad but many still accept or distribute money to leverage public opinion or to manipulate the decisions of government.

There are many ways that our current PM is using money to control events. Most of the money is not his to throw away but that hasn’t slowed him down:

  • Taxpayers’ money is being used ($1.6 billion per year) to enable the CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster, to continue to propagandize in favour of abortion, assisted suicide, the LGBTQ agenda, state childcare, carbon taxes, etc.
  • Taxpayers’ money ($595 million) was recently promised to promote only those media that support the current Liberal Party agenda.
  • Taxpayers’ money ($600 million) was given to support Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion provider.
  • Taxpayers’ money is still being doled out selectively to Canada Summer Jobs applicants; as of 2018, only organizations that support the PM’s pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ agenda need apply.
  • Taxpayers’ money is being used to bankroll Canada’s largest (not the smallest) political parties; all of the parties now receiving these funds are pro-status quo re. abortion and same-sex marriage. After the 2015 General Election, the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party each received about $20 million in rebates. The smaller parties received nothing.
  • Taxpayers’ money is being used to house, feed, transport, medicate, educate, and process an increasing influx of illegal migrants—some have called these, “Liberal-voters-in-training”.
  • Taxpayers’ hard-earned money is being used to pay the approximately $70 MILLION PER DAY it costs us in interest alone on our soaring national debt now climbing to nearly $700 billion.

“Okay,” you say, “so the money is undeserved and is being wasted on things we don’t want or need; what makes it ‘filthy’?” The Bible refers to “filthy lucre” or “filthy money” as money that distorts or changes behaviour. When people—for the sake of money—do bad things they wouldn’t normally do, it is appropriate to call it “filthy”. When people engage in theft, prostitution, gambling, drug-dealing, extortion, pornography, human trafficking, fraud or any other activity for the sake of money, that money is tainted. Likewise, when money is given to a politician, a judge or a bureaucrat to bribe them to pass a law, make a judgment or grant a permit, that money is tainted and filthy.

Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Afterwards, his conscience condemned him and he tried to give the money back but the priests wouldn’t take it because they recognized that it was tainted, the price of innocent blood. How about when politicians offer benefits, using taxpayers’ money, to persuade voters to vote for them? The fact that voters and taxpayers are mostly the same people only adds insult to injury.

How about when the Prime Minister hobnobs with some of the wealthiest people on the planet, people whose globalist agenda is distorting Canada’s public policy? People like George Soros, whose Open Society Foundation has promoted and partially funded the Liberals’ aggressive increase in immigration, and like the Aga Khan, on whose island the PM famously vacationed (earning four counts of conflict of interest from the Ethics Commissioner)? How about when those same wealthy people contribute directly and indirectly to Liberal campaigns and programs? When the Liberal Party pretends to restrict financial influence in the political process but encourages influence-peddling by like-minded international billionaires, that is corruption.

How about when the Prime Minister uses the Government of Canada Mint to produce $1 coins designed to promote and celebrate the homosexual agenda? As I write this, the wheels are in motion to produce a Canadian $1 coin with a socio-political message completely in harmony with the PM’s LGBTQ agenda. Using the word “Equality”, the coin will attempt to equate same-sex marriage with racial equality. Because all Canadians use money, Canadians will be forced to deal with currency that violates their personal standards of right and wrong. Young children, already besieged with the LGBTQ propaganda in their classrooms, will soon be handling a visual reminder of this issue and be given the PM-authorized official government opinion when they are given lunch-money.

This abuse of government power must stop. The PM must be held accountable for the misuse of taxpayer dollars to promote his own agenda. The PM must be challenged regarding the foreign contributions made by people like George Soros to lobby groups operating in Canada, lobby groups working to advance the PM’s agenda.

The Christian Heritage Party will work to uncover the fraudulent use of foreign funds that distorts Canadian laws and culture. The CHP will work to restore decency and common sense to decisions regarding the design of Canada’s currency. Given the opportunity to govern, the CHP would institute mandatory balanced budgets and would begin paying down the national debt. Canadians cannot build a sound economy on filthy money and debt. We must place a higher value on integrity in politics if we are to save our country from a collapsing economy and crumbling social structures.

Join the CHP today and help us reclaim our heritage.

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