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The Lure of Socialism and How It Threatens Our Freedom

Tue, March 10, 2020   |   Author: Taylor   |   Volume 27    Issue 10 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

In the US, one candidate for the Democratic nomination for President, Bernie Sanders, has put the word “socialism” on everybody’s lips. His talk of free post-secondary education, cancellation of existing college debt, universal healthcare and higher minimum wages has struck a nerve with many young people who have never lived in a socialist utopia like Venezuela, Cuba or the Peoples’ Republic of China. Of course, he calls his version “democratic socialism” but the results are always the same. Socialism is never democratic. Socialism requires that the results of your hard work be shared with me. Despite the best of intentions, socialism doesn’t work.

The selling point of socialism in the US, Canada, or around the world, is that, by sharing the wealth of the few, the many can have the necessities of life. While it speaks of material things like money, food, medicine, clothing and housing, it promises more abstract benefits like education, dignity and self-determination. It promises a level playing field, access to power and a bright and glorious future of clean skies, clean water, happy children and healthy communities. It promises all the joys of brotherly love and a community that cares. It promises, but it can never deliver. The pathway charted by socialists always involves a loss of personal freedom, a loss of religious freedom, and a loss of financial freedom for the masses it claims to represent.

Socialism ignores human nature, rejects the concept of private property, and despises faith in God. Why are so many “happy and contented citizens” of Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela always trying to escape from their own countries? Why do the dictators build walls to keep their own people from leaving? Why did Fidel Castro’s execution squads shoot more than 10,000 political prisoners (a conservative estimate)? History called him a communist (and he was) but Castro called himself a socialist.

Venezuela, scene of one of the worst current socialist tragedies, has the world’s largest proven reserves of oil. If we were to believe the claims of socialist propagandists, that should mean that every one of its citizens is enjoying the benefits of prosperity, with free education, plenty to eat and a heartfelt gratitude towards their leader. Unfortunately, that is far from the case. Approximately 90% of Venezuelans live in poverty. Two-thirds of the population have lost an average of 25 pounds of body weight and go to bed hungry each night. Over one million Venezuelans have fled the country; the vast majority want dictator Nicolas Maduro to leave . . . but he refuses to go. He clings to power—as all dictators do—flaunting the will of the people. Because that’s really the heart of socialism. It’s not about sharing wealth; it’s about power.

Socialism promises equal results, not equal opportunity. It promises an income, not a job. It promises that government will provide the necessities of life. People need to realize that government has no funds of its own. The only money it has for social programs comes from the taxes paid by its citizens. Government must take from the successful to help the unsuccessful. It must take from the hardest-working to provide for those who do not work. If it provides an education, it also controls that education and dictates what will be taught, which today is a distorted view of the world. If it keeps the media afloat, it tells them what they may say and determines what topics are newsworthy and how that news is to be spun.

Canada is already far down the road to socialism; the cabal of politicians, educators, and media on the left continue to sing its praises in spite of its dismal track record. The brainwashing of the next generation has been effective; many Canadians, especially young people, have no idea what is even meant by “socialism”. They think it means humanitarianism and generosity, not the loss of personal freedom.

The Liberals, the NDP and the Greens, in spite of some surface differences, are collectively dragging our country down—not only economically (sharing in poverty as our economy sputters and federal debt increases)—but also by stridently enforcing pathetic models of compelled speech, state control of education, suicide for the elderly and gender confusion for the young. In socialist countries around the world, Bibles have been banned, churches burned, pastors and priests executed and the free exercise of faith restricted. Why? Because the truth hurts. They want people dependent on government, not on God.

In many countries the news is censored and the dark side of socialism goes unreported. How can you trust a government-supported news agency, like CBC, to bring the truth about the government when the government funds the news agency? The news agency will say what is needed to preserve the flow of taxpayer dollars. Conflict of interest is unavoidable. Even the internet is controlled.

In Canada, we still have access to the truth but we can no longer trust the mass media to tell us everything we need to know about current events. We can no longer trust the paid-for opinions of government-sponsored news agencies like the CBC to analyze and interpret the news or to properly explain our options. We need to find trustworthy news sources and dig out the truth for ourselves. We must act to stem the tide of disinformation to our fellow Canadians. We cannot allow Canada to come under the heel of a socialist dictator because its citizens have not had access to the truth..

Our task will not be easy. Justin Trudeau has given $595 million in subsidies directed only to those media outlets that support his policies, further influencing public opinion against a Christian world view. This was a socialist act, perfectly consistent with the actions of other socialist dictators. In Russia, they called the controlled national press “Pravda”, the Truth. In reality, it concealed the truth and told the people what the government wanted them to believe.

CHP Canada believes that without freedom of speech, all freedoms are meaningless. You can’t defend rights and freedoms if you can’t expose wickedness in high places. Socialism can only exist in the darkness. When its deeds are exposed, it will perish.

CHP Canada would confront the issue of government-controlled media bias and give Canadians the opportunity to know the facts. We can’t compare differing opinions if we only have access to one opinion

There is no doubt that socialism is advancing throughout Canada. We need only look to our diminishing freedoms to see that. We at the CHP will do our best to keep you up to date and offer a response as socialism is advanced in glowing terms by those who seek power.

Ensure that our right to a free press, our right to freedom of speech and our right to freedom of belief are protected for future generations. Socialism would have us share equally in poverty and misery but the CHP would work to give every Canadian equal opportunity to succeed and to enjoy the fruits of his or her labour. Join CHP Canada today.

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