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So-Cons and Faux-Cons

Tue, March 03, 2020   |   Author: Peter Vogel   |   Volume 27    Issue 9 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

What does it take to separate the social conservatives from the faux (fake) conservatives? Who is on which side in the Conservative leadership race? MP Cathay Wagantall is bravely putting out a test for all Conservatives, one that will hopefully get Canadians talking about the abortion free-for-all that is happening in Canada today.

She introduced a private member’s bill on Feb. 27th, the same day as the deadline to enter the Conservative leadership race. Her bill would stop sex-selective abortions in Canada, and it is already facing criticism from the usual suspects.

Which Conservative leadership contestants would stand on the right side of issues like these?

Peter Mackay is setting himself up as the ‘Red Tory’, the Liberal-Lite candidate, the villain for all social conservatives to oppose. The media perceives him as the front-runner, and many observers see this contest as being a coronation for him. He supports same-sex marriage and would march in the Pride parades if he won the leadership. He opposes Cathay Wagantall’s bill, and said that social conservative issues were a “stinking albatross” around the neck of the Conservative party. He’s the 100% faux-con.

Erin O’Toole is trying to position himself as the moderate; not a strong social conservative, but not an enemy to them either. He’s strong on our borders and law and order, but he’s trying to stay out of social issues; for instance, he did not comment on MP Wagantall’s bill. If social conservatives are looking to him, they should keep looking; he’s mostly (if not completely) faux-con on the moral issues.

Marilyn Gladu deserves the red light that she has from Campaign Life Coalition as she is not pro-life. She says she would march in the Pride parade. (O’Toole says he would not unless uniformed police officers were to be allowed). MP Gladu might actually be the most liberal contender, as she is also in favour of upholding the Paris Accord commitments.

Rick Peterson ran in the last Conservative leadership race, and while he is not a social conservative himself, he at least had the respect to suggest that he would do some things social conservatives are looking for, such as banning sex-selective abortions.

Jim Karahalios rose to some prominence in Ontario for calling out corruption in the provincial Conservative party, and has also made waves by standing against the carbon tax. He is opposed to abortion and would not march in Pride parades. He might shake up the race.

Dr. Leslyn Lewis has a Ph.D in law and is a notable contestant in this leadership race. She recently wrote this on her Facebook page: “Congratulations to Cathay Wagantall, M.P., for taking a stance against the misogynistic practice of sex selective abortion. She’s speaking on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves." Dr. Lewis is showing some so-con credentials, but not saying any more than she has to on the broader topic of abortion.

Derek Sloan is a first-time MP who is a true social conservative. He has committed to ending funding for foreign abortions, and welcomes private member’s bills on abortion. According to official policy, a “Conservative Government will not support any legislation to regulate abortion” (PDF).

Rudy Husny was a late entry and it is hard to find much information about his stances; he is Conservative organizer from Quebec who has tried to run in Montreal, but was not elected.

Some of these contestants might not make it on to the final ballot, but after the February 27th deadline, no further contestants may enter the race. Will the so-cons stay strong despite the attacks of the faux-cons? Their courage will be tested by the normally unfriendly media and by the party they are trying to lead.

Special note: Richard Decarie, a former aide in the Harper administration, was barred from continuing his run for the leadership by the Conservative Party. He made waves early in the race with his support for traditional marriage and his assertion that homosexuality is a choice. A pro-life “full spectrum” conservative, he was not afraid to make waves and stand up for the issues that matter. He stated clearly that he would act to defund abortion. It looks very much as though he was rejected because of his “controversial” stances.

An odd bit of trivia: only three of the candidates do not reside in Ontario: Rick Peterson is in Alberta, and Richard Decarie and Rudy Husny are in Quebec.

The CHP supports MP Wagantall’s bill and is grateful for her consistent efforts to protect unborn girls. Besides inspiring open discussion about abortion and exposing the left’s hypocrisy, this bill shines a light on the values held by Conservative MPs and particularly those seeking to lead their party. It provides a tool by which we may measure the consciences of our MPs based on which side they take and why.

The CHP is the only party that believes that all human life is sacred and worth defending—boy or girl, inside or outside of the womb. We believe that the flawed Criminal Code must change to reflect this.

Please encourage any Conservative member that you come in contact with to rank the true so-cons on their ballot, and not to support the faux-cons in the race.

Please notice that the Conservative Party is divided on the issues that matter most. CHP Canada is united and consistent on our foundational principles. Join CHP and show Canada that morality matters in politics!

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