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Shattering Arguments: The Myths of Overpopulation, Grey Tsunami, & Survival of the Fittest, Part 2

Tue, November 01, 2011   |   Author: Elaine Taylor   |   | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

How many stars are there in the heavens? Too many? Or too many to count? ~Genesis 15:5

It is said that if a lie is repeated often enough it will eventually be accepted as truth. We have heard so many lies, and they just get to sound so, well, so normal. Who lies to us in the respectful silence of our apathy? The feminist movement and the Darwinian social engineers, who wormed their way into your living room via the CBC and its ilk, and into your children’s lives through public (and even sometimes private) education, through libraries, and even cartoons, have succeeded in indoctrinating, mostly with your own hard-earned taxes, two generations of Canadians. Even most Christians barely know up from down any more. Whether by our own rebellion, or the unconscious abrogation of responsibility by parents, ears have been tickled, and popular opinion is now the new ‘truth.’ Vox populi vox dei. In our naiveté we now just carry on, blinded by busyness, hoping for the best, claiming there is nothing we can do, while 110,000 potential taxpaying Canadians, wonderfully made in the image of God, are eliminated in the womb, and their great grandparents languish in minimum care facilities, victims of budgets and societal attitudes, awaiting their final sentence, when the legalization of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide will end the great pretense—and the ‘grey tsunami’—CBC’s cleverly derogatory term for the aging Baby Boomers. All this is not to say Christians are consciously complicit in our moral slide, but only that if we do not know what to believe, how can we stand up against what is wrong? If we can’t see the slide into this culture of death, if we don’t even know that we don’t know, how can we stop the evil around us? We are more often guilty of ignorance, rather than bad intentions, but we can still be part of the problem. Part 1, last week, listed some valuable sources of information to help you become an articulate voice for truth and life. Use them, please. CHP’s message of life is censored by secular media and toned down or ignored by most Christian publications; our church leaders shrink from bold leadership, often not clearly understanding that there are some things they may still do and say without endangering their precious tax status; and our secular education system at all levels defines its one-sidedness as tolerance and religious neutrality, while our Judeo/Christian worldview is narrow, negative bigotry. We must continue to bring these issues into the light, push back the darkness, and try to regain some clear thinking. We can’t count on church, media or schools to do it. Few papers will now accept paid advertisements with a politically incorrect message. We must become bolder and more articulate, for the freedom to speak the truth, except in private conversation, is quietly disappearing. Did you know there have again been rumblings federally about legislating presumed consent, which is but another justification for killing those who, due to incapacitation, are re-evaluated according to the sum of their body parts? This was attempted, unsuccessfully, in the Ontario Legislature a few years ago. Presumed consent is in effect in some countries and simply means if one does not carry instructions that one does not want to be an organ donor, one’s consent to be harvested will be presumed, should one be seriously injured in an accident, experience a major heart attack, or other misfortune. For years now, pressure has been exerted on families in crisis to agree with the apparent futility of treatment for their loved one and to allow the harvesting of that one’s organs. And the conveniently ever-changing definition of death provides ever-more body parts and reduces the costly prospect of long recoveries and permanent disabilities. We have seen the amazing hand of God restore ‘brain-damaged’ patients where parents or spouses have tenaciously held onto hope and protected them from an untimely end. The ethics of the sensitive issue of organ donation deserves much more study than is generally happening among Christians, leaving most unprepared to deal with such an urgent situation in the ER. Emotive ads by the pro-organ donor camp, intimidation or guilt-trips by doctors, and media opinions put forth as status quo, do not ensure our ability to make informed decisions. Death is inevitable, but murder is unconscionable. Christians must be careful to not justify what might be untimely death using the ‘God-is-in-control’ argument, or some rendition of ‘it must have been his time,’ or, ‘she never would have wanted to live as a disabled person.’ Taken to its logical conclusion, we can then justify murder of any sort, and death by a drunk driver, a worn-out caregiver, a suicide clinic, or an abortionist becomes just God’s way of taking someone home. Even, ‘he’s better off where he is now,’ while it may be true in a sense, can easily slide into a justification for helping him get there. CHP is committed in its unalterable principles to protecting the first human right—the right to life—without which no other rights have any meaning. Think about these things. Discuss them. Join and support the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. Use their resources. And support the only federal party whose worldview doesn’t change with every wind of popular opinion—CHP Canada.

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