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Requiem for a pioneer moral activist

Tue, September 12, 2006   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   Volume 13    Issue 38 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

When I first met the late Ken Campbell (he went to be with the Lord and with his beloved wife, Norma, August 28) he was persona non grata with many evangelical Christians.

“Too radical,” some said. “An extremist,” said others. “He gives us all a bad reputation.”

But Ken—a Baptist pastor and former evangelist who was once called “Canada’s Billy Graham”—was a man of very clear moral vision… and he was not afraid to pay the price for his convictions. And Norma stood staunchly at his side, every inch of the way.

When pornographic sex-education materials were introduced into their Ontario school district, Ken and Norma refused to pay their school taxes. “It’s child abuse!” he raged. He didn’t keep the money for himself: he put it into a trust account, to be released whenever his local school board returned to standards of education that did not scar the tender consciences of their charges.

Ken and Norma lost their home in Milton for that stand.

They moved to Tumbler Ridge, BC, where houses were inexpensive. The town’s mayor and council were struggling to keep the little coal-mining town alive. Ken moved his radio and Internet ministry up to “TR”, and continued to broadcast daily commentaries in which he warned of the creeping amoralism that was corroding North America’s culture, and from there corrupting politics and law. He launched a series of “Wilderness Conferences” on morality in education and government, which drew people from all over North America.

Ken raised money to place full-page ads in Canada’s national newspapers, stating in no uncertain terms why “tolerance” of immorality is dangerous, and how it leads to intolerance for morality.

He lived to see his prophetic jeremiads fulfilled: Bill C-250, Bill C-38, and the British Columbia and California legislatures caving in to moral anarchy by allowing their public schools to be used to indoctrinate captive children into accepting the unacceptable.

Ken was also hauled before the “human rights” kangaroo courts in BC and Ontario for those ads, where he defended himself—and beat the charges—by simply and clearly stating the truth.

He had been the chairman of the board at Canada Christian College in Toronto, and was working with the local ministerial to develop a satellite campus at Tumbler Ridge.

His work will be missed. His clear, uncompromising voice for truth and morality will be missed. Those of us who knew and loved him will all deeply regret that he didn’t live to see his cause vindicated in our courts and legislatures. But we also believe that he has now been exonerated by hearing a much more important Voice greet him with: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Lord.”

Requiescat in Pace, Ken and Norma.

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