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Refugees or Economic Migrants?

Tue, October 02, 2018   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 25    Issue 40   

Canadians have always felt sympathy and concern for the suffering and deprivation of refugees around the world. Time and again, Canadians have risen to the challenge of helping the victims of earthquakes, hurricanes, civil wars, and ethnic cleansings. We seek compassionate ways to respond to the often overwhelming numbers of victims around the world. This is part of our heritage . . . our Christian heritage.

However, when we see unvetted refugee families given benefits and advantages that Canadian citizens do not receive and when we see illegal, border-hopping, economic migrants crossing over into Canada to become beneficiaries of government largesse, there we draw the line . . . especially when more deserving refugees are being ignored. When PM Trudeau was questioned about whether Canada might give special attention to persecuted Christian and Yazidi refugees (yes, the ones who don’t even dare to come into the refugee camps) he said “Absolutely not!”. His “compassion” apparently doesn’t include Christians.

Allowing uncontrolled border crossing, with subsequent granting of refugee status, is an outrageous departure from Canada’s traditional approach to immigration and citizenship. Now, to top it all off, we learn that Mr. Trudeau has been quietly taking $50,000 per year from taxpayers and giving it to a refugee family near you. For budgeting purposes, that’s $50,000 times the number of refugee families brought in under Mr. Trudeau’s open border policy . . . plus healthcare and other benefits.

We don’t know who all these people are. We don’t know all their backgrounds. But we do know that many of them are crossing the Canada-US border, not because they are being persecuted in the US but for economic benefits available in Canada. The US is not a country where refugees are at risk. There are no roaming death squads. There are no gulags. The Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement establishes that both countries are considered safe spaces for refugees. Under this agreement, “persons seeking refugee status in either country must make their claim in the first country they arrive in, either the United States or Canada, unless they qualify for an exception. Refugee claimants who are citizens of a country other than the United States that arrive from the United States at the Canada–United States land border can only pursue their refugee claims in Canada if they meet an exception under the Safe Third Country Agreement.”

But Canada has become a more desirable destination because of the government’s laid back approach to border control and the tax-free money being doled out to those who skip the line-up and simply walk across the border.

I know many Canadians who would love to have the opportunity to earn $50,000 a year to be able to support their families. That used to be a luxurious annual income but with inflation it has become just about average. As of September 2017, the average wage for hardworking Canadian taxpayers was $986 a week – or just over $51,000 a year. On the low end of the scale, employees in Canada’s food services industry average just $20,488; those in retail trade average around $28,808.

Canadians are both generous and compassionate and it is an insult to them when our PM opens our borders to illegal migrants who are crossing from the US to take advantage of government handouts fleeced from hard-working taxpayers. Meanwhile this government ignores the desperate plight of Coptic Christians and ethnic minorities who are being persecuted and killed in truly unsafe countries. This ethnic vote-buying is further evidence that our Prime Minister, while hiding under a feminist facade, is working to silence and subdue legitimate concerns regarding the cultural practices of some of the refugees flooding our country, practices inconsistent with historical Canadian values.

The Christian Heritage Party of Canada would re-establish border controls and enforce our immigration and refugee agreements with the US. We would stop the flood of unvetted border-crossers and would return those who illegally cross from the US seeking refugee status (and unconditional benefits) in Canada. We would review all policies regarding immigration and refugee status. We would prioritize refugee status for ethnic and religious minorities facing real persecution in their homeland. We would ensure that those coming to our shores are given both the opportunity and motivation to contribute to society along with millions of hardworking Canadians who are now paying the bills.

The CHP would require that immigrants demonstrate their commitment to Canadian values and laws. Immigrant applicants would be selected according to skills and their ability to contribute. The CHP would continue to promote the Judeo-Christian values that have made this country a land of freedom and opportunity.

To join CHP Canada and help us re-establish the rule of law and personal freedoms and responsibilities for all Canadians, visit our website,

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