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Parts for Sale: Planned Parenthood and the Body-Snatchers

Tue, November 26, 2019   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 26    Issue 47 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

In recent news, we learned that undercover investigator David Daleiden—the man who secretly recorded Planned Parenthood executives talking about their illicit organ-harvesting and sale of baby parts—was found guilty by a jury of multiple crimes. His offense? Exposing the criminal and hideous black-market operations of the abortion giant.

During the trial, it appears the jury was kept in the dark by pro-abortion U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick III, a man who has direct ties to Planned Parenthood but who refused to recuse himself in spite of the conflict of interest.

It’s fascinating that while the mainstream media in the US is tying itself in knots to protect the so-called “whistleblower” in the Trump impeachment circus, in this case, a man who took great risks to expose Planned Parenthood’s illegal “side-business” (which they now admit includes the removal of beating hearts from living babies) is treated like a criminal and fined for his illegal recording of Planned Parenthood’s darkest secrets. When it comes to the abortion industry, it’s the whistleblower who gets punished, not the giant organization with blood on its hands.

Daleiden and those who cooperated with him, including the Center for Medical Progress were collectively fined $2 million in damages. They will appeal. Of course in “lawfare”, half of the reason for these attacks is to get critics so tied up in legal proceedings and so mired in legal expenses that they are rendered harmless to corporate interests. We certainly wish Mr. Daleiden well and hope that he and his fellows are able to succeed in the appeal process. The criminals at Planned Parenthood who have been making merchandise out of the bodies of aborted babies should be behind bars and out of business.

Once an individual, a business, or a country begins to devalue human life there is a very real slippery slope that can lead once-principled people to accept deeper and nastier levels of immoral behaviour. The Bible calls it a “seared conscience”. They become incapable of knowing the difference between right and wrong, between good and evil. That’s what happened in Nazi Germany: as the regime grew stronger and more oppressive, good people who cooperated with ‘small things’ at first were increasingly forced to choose between conscience and personal safety.

In Charles Dickens’s 18th-century Tale of Two Cities, we meet a pitiful and unlikeable man named Jerry Cruncher. In his day job, he carried messages for bankers and lawyers. At night, he was a “body-snatcher”. He dug up graves and sold the corpses of the recently-deceased to doctors for their research. That was, of course, illegal, but Jerry liked to refer to himself as an “honest tradesman”. Dylan Thomas, in his grisly screenplay, The Doctor and the Devils, took this a couple of steps further. The pathetic criminals in his story did not waste any time in burying the dead and digging them up again; they began their criminal career by selling the fresh body of a poor old man they knew who had died without a family and nobody to bury him. The next body they sold came from a man who hadn’t quite died yet; they finished him off. Then they started bringing men and women in off the streets: homeless, hopeless, poverty-stricken beggars. They made them comfortable, ended their lives and sold them for parts. The searing of a conscience is a horrible thing.

That’s much like what Robert Pickton was doing with the girls he took off the streets: he made money off them and got rid of the bodies. Other examples abound. Hitler harvested organs for science, tortured the living for research and systematically extracted gold teeth from his victims of genocide. We’ve known for years that Communist China has a market in transplant organs which they take from prisoners, sometimes while the unwilling “donor” is still alive. When human beings become dispensable and disposable, when they become objects of merchandise instead of fellow-sojourners and fellow-citizens made in the image of God, every imaginable evil is possible.

That’s why we must resist the tide of dehumanizing propaganda being pushed by the pro-abort and pro-euthanasia crowd. In order to kill babies, the propagandists must call them “fetuses” or “tissue” or “products of conception”. In order to free up spaces in the nursing homes, they must foster the idea of a “life not worth living”, of “unbearable pain and suffering” to get elderly or disabled persons to choose what they euphemistically call “death with dignity”. While they’re at it, they encourage voluntary organ donation and create terms like “brain death” to help people justify conscience-conflicting end-of-life decisions.

Back in Ottawa after the election, it sounds like our Prime Minister wants to spread the net wider and encourage even more Canadians to end their lives sooner. The “body-snatchers” no longer have to slink around the cemeteries at night. Now they brazenly conduct their business in the courts, the clinics and the offices of the PM and his minions.

God help us restore respect for every human life! To expose the works of darkness and help us promote a culture of life, join CHP today.

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