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Our Hearts Break for Nova Scotia

Fri, April 24, 2020   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

It was with shock and sadness that we learned on Sunday of the senseless massacre of innocent people in Nova Scotia at the hands of a crazed killer.

On Monday, the number of victims confirmed dead grew to 23, counting the unborn baby who died with its mother. Such heartache for the surviving family members and friends; it’s difficult to comprehend the depth of this loss, not only to Nova Scotians, but to all Canadians.

When I saw images of the gas station in Enfield where the killing spree ended, I felt very close to the situation as I know people who live almost next door. I’ve purchased gas there myself and have eaten in the restaurant connected to the station. My heart really aches for the violation of the human dignity and trust of the good citizens of every rural community in Canada—places where people tend to know and trust their neighbours and where incidents like this are not supposed to happen.

This tragedy came in the midst of a very different kind of tragedy—the global loss of lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the deeply-felt sorrow felt by loved ones around the world. This carnage in Nova Scotia is different. The deliberate taking of lives by one of our fellow-citizens in a series of events planned and carried out in cold blood, with cruel and methodical precision, adds a painful reminder of the depravity and confusion possible in the tormented heart and mind of a lost human soul. It hurts more because it was deliberate, pointless, and cruel.

Even now, questions are being asked about why more information was not made available to the public as the rampage unfolded. Family members and concerned neighbours are being heard; hopefully the result will be better procedures adopted to reduce the risk of a similar incident in the future. We share their anguish.

I’m sure that all involved see things now that they could have done differently that night and wish they would have understood sooner what was taking place. But that’s not why I write this. I write to express—on behalf of members of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada—the sadness we all feel over those Nova Scotian communities where good men and women, boys and girls, deserve to live without fear.

The killer disguised his car and disguised himself. The fires he started also added confusion to the scene and brought good-hearted people out to help, only to be cut down in cold blood. We cannot understand why any human being would choose to cause such pain to others, to deprive them of life and the joy of family relationship. We know there is a better way for all of us to live. God wants us to be a blessing to each other, not a source of sorrow and pain.

We ask that God would comfort every family member and every friend who has lost someone close to them. May He help us to regain and rebuild a sense of community and help us overcome the deep sorrow we feel. His mercies are new every morning. May He be near to every broken heart and bring healing.

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