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Ottawa caves in on polygamy & abortion

Tue, July 04, 2006   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   Volume 13    Issue 28 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

It’s been drawn to my attention that a recent Communiqué (Vol. 13 No. 28), by creating an erroneous impression, was unfair to Justice Minister Vic Toews.

The Communiqué, entitled “Ottawa caves in on polygamy & abortion”, opened with a quotation from a Toronto Sun news report that said, “a spokesman for Justice Minister Vic Toews [said] the federal government will ‘use their full weight to fight a constitutional battle to end the polygamy ban.’ “

This accurately reproduced the quotation from the Sun, but the original story had ambiguously left the impression that the Justice Ministry would fight for an end to the ban on polygamy; however the statement can—and should—be read as stating that the Justice Department intends to fight against ending the ban.

The CHP Communiqué continued: “This is a ‘conservative’ government?!? All they’re ‘conserving’ is the same old Chretien/Martin Liberalism!” In general, that’s still a valid criticism, for the Tories are not showing leadership on crucial moral issues like same-sex ‘marriage’ and abortion. But the Toronto Sun news report should not have been used as an example, because it misrepresented the Justice Minister’s stand.

The error had been drawn to my attention, and that version of the Communiqué was not supposed to have been distributed; but because of vacation and travel schedules, the corrected version didn’t reach the CHP National Office in time to pull the old version. I want to apologize to Minister Toews and his staff for perpetuating the misrepresentation.

Here’s the corrected version:

A Toronto Sun news report says that “Censored documents obtained through Access to Information show that multiple-wife marriages have in fact already been given limited legal recognition by the federal government for the purpose of enforcing payments for spousal support and inheritance.“

This newly-released information validates concerns expressed by the Christian Heritage Party and other pro-marriage groups during last year’s debate to include same-sex couples in the legal definition of marriage. At that time, organizations like Focus on the Family Canada, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, the ECP Centre, Defend Marriage Canada and the CHP warned that changing the definition of marriage would open the door to demands for further changes, including the legalization of polygamy; and an Internet search will reveal that there are pressures to grant recognition to pedophilia and bestiality.

Dave Quist, executive director of the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, says legal recognition of some polygamous marriages was an inevitable extension of Ottawa’s decision to redefine marriage.

The Harper government has retreated on its promise to re-visit the marriage debate, proposing instead only to ask MPs whether that want to revisit the issue. Instead of leadership, the federal government is offering only ‘followership’—coupled with the Prime Minister’s campaign pledge that he will not use the Charter’s ‘notwithstanding clause’ to defend traditional marriage. He has also said he’ll use his influence to prevent any legislation on abortion from coming into Parliament.

Soon Canadians will be asked to go back to the polls, as the Harper government seeks a majority… but for what purpose? Is there any real difference between Liberals wearing red ties and these so-called ‘conservatives’, who are being revealed as liberals with blue ties?

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